Yung6ix vs Erriga – Who raps the best?

Who do you think writes teh best lyrics - Erriga or Yung6ix? Get their biographies and compare.

You know that Nigeria is full of talented young artists. Many of them are really prominent in rap music. What do you know about Yung6ix and Erriga? Whose lyrics are the best for you? Let’s compare these hip-hop performers and find out.

Yung6ix vs Erriga – Who raps the best

Yung6ix biography

First, let’s say some words about his biography. The real name is the artist is Onome Onokohwomo. He is 26 now. He was brought up in Delta state. And his love to music and, particularly, rap started from childhood. After school, he decided to follow music career and entered Oduduwa University. Since then, Yung6ix has been recording songs, which have attracted lots of attention. He began cooperating with various outstanding Nigerian performers, such as, for example, Wizkid.


In 2011, one of his compositions, called Oh My Gosh helped him to be nominated as Lyricist on the Roll and the Best Rap Single during the Headies awards. Thus, this song might be enumerated among the Yung6ix top lyrics. In 2013, Yung6ix finally got an award as National Act of the Year during Music and Meritorious Award in Abuja.

Yung6ix vs Erriga

His first studio album was released in 2014. Besides, he has recorded several mixtapes. The fans of the artist adore his songs because of the soulful lyrics. The words, written by him, are able to touch the hearts. Many plain guys recognize themselves in his songs.

Yung6ix the best

Erriga biography

In fact, this rapper has started as a professional basketball player. But thank God, he has finally decided to pursue career in music. That’s why we can now enjoy Erriga top lyrics.


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His real name is Erhiga Agarivbie and he also comes from state of Delta. He is quite young as well (currently in his twenties), but he is highly popular. As many other rappers, he was inspired by the giants like 50 cent, Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, and Jarule.

Erriga vs Yung6ix

Erriga has written about 150 songs by now. And his verses are outstanding. He also made several videos for his compositions, which became very popular as well. While developing his skills, Erriga has participated in a great number of rap battles. Moreover, he has won at least 25 of them.

Erriga the best

Nowadays he performs together with the most talented Nigerian artists. He has also won several awards, as his songs are striking.

Well, who is really the best? Whose songs and lyrics are more thoughtful and true to life? Tastes differ. However, both guys deserve their fame. They are very hard-working and their compositions are worth listening.

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