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Why Do You Want To Get Married?

Almost all the single people I know have plans for marriage.  Women start panicking when they are approaching 30 and suitors are no longer there, while the men are pressured by family members to "settle down". 

You probably want to get married.  Yes, I mean you!  Why do you want to get married?

- It is because you want children?   If so, why not just adopt a baby?

- Is it for social recognition or respect?  Why not just make some money and flaunt it to get respect?

- Is it for love?  Is there any guarantee that his/her love wont evaporate after marriage like that of your five to ten former lovers?

- Is it because the society demands it?  You'll be surprised that when you 'bone society' and keep doing your thing the rumors will eventually die down because people have their own problem to worry about.  Nobody complains about the dressing Charly Boy anymore.

Ok, I still want to get married.  I think it's love I'm looking for; love in all dimensions.

What about you?

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