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Are You a Geek? [The New Geeks]

I watched a show on CNN that was talking about the New Geek. You might be surprised.

Old geeks:  Stay in their rooms playing games all day and have bad social skills. Are usually dressed in a nerdy way

New geeks: Are very passionate about their hobbies and spend time, effort and money on the hobby.  Are not neccessarily nerdy but they are independent and not afraid to stand out in a crowd.  They are media sophisticates and read a lot: magazines, TV, blogs, discussion boards etc

Statistics(UK): 78% of them are married. As a group they are worth $11.8 billion. They are within the 18-44 age bracket.

So the question is this, are you a geek?

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CNN Report: 'How To Rob A Bank.' Do We Deserve The Insult?

I watched the CNN report "How to rob a bank"a few days ago.That i was pissed is an understatement.Do we deserve to be treated this way by a country which economy benefits from Nigerians even more that Nigeria?

Thank God Nigerians in that country have risen against it.

I think America is overstepping it's bounds.We all know who the CNN speakes for.

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