Does 4g use more data than 3g?

What distinctions are between 3g and 4g? Are expenses on LTE mobile internet higher than at using of 3g? This informative article will help you to answer this question!

Does using 4g use more data than 3g?

On the one hand, speed of downloading of data increases. But if you have a tariff with restriction on the volume of downloading of data, you should look after its consumption. Some operators after emergence of new iPhone with support of LTE, entice subscribers from existing unlimited plans for tariffs with restriction. There is a question – if you are going to pass from unlimited tariff to tariff where the traffic is limited at the level of your average monthly consumption, whether it is necessary to worry that your payments for phone suddenly will grow? Will 4g use more data than 3g?

Does 4g use more data than 3g

As it appears, it is quite possible. One of the main advantages of LTE – available speeds can turn back against you. You won't even notice how more you will be engaged in Internet browsing. The reason is simple – web-pages open quicker, connection is more stable and you will spend more time on surfing, consuming more and more data. And this factor will lead you to the fact that you should pay extra for traffic.

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Does using 4g use more data than 3g

Experts have tested several applications and functions on iPhone 5 to compare does 4g lte use more data than 3g. They measured a traffic expense during using of such applications as Pandora, FaceTime and Netflix within 6 minutes (this is standard time of using these apps statistically). As it was shown, 4 g really consumes more data.

Even if you use device with support of LTE practically the same as you used it in the mode of 3g, 4g use more data than 3g. Comparative tests have shown it.

Will 4g use more data than 3g

It doesn't mean that it is worth remain with 3G, but it makes sense to look behind consumption of data on your device. In some situations, it is necessary to turn off support of LTE to use 3G. This is not the best decision, but only this way it is possible to avoid increase of your expenses on mobile Internet.


the enthusiasm for 4G is not caused by the acceleration of progress and disappointment in the services of the third generation. Instead of a single global standard in the United States alone, there are three incompatible systems. Voice is transmitted over the infrastructure circuit-switched, inherited from the second generation, not with the promised IP. Advertised the streaming video is only a slide show with low resolution. And, most importantly, the data transfer rate is more in line with dial-up connections rather than DSL.

This is primarily due to the immaturity of the technology deployed at the time of the 3G system can be considered beta versions, but real solutions for the future. But 3G will never be able to deliver the promises of its creators. Despite early enthusiasm for data transmission, a major economic stimulus to the implementation of 3G is the increased capacity for narrowband voice. Although data transfer speeds will increase, bandwidth will not be sufficient for rapid transport of large files attached to email messages, not to mention streaming audio and video broadcast quality, as first claimed cell phone manufacturers.

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