How to format a laptop – 8 steps for Nigerians

Need to format a laptop? These steps would help you to accomplish it on your own without having to pay someone to do it for you.

Computers have firmly entered our lives – we use technologies every day, without even noticing how they started playing an important role. At home, at work, during study – we need computers for different tasks everywhere. For some of us it makes sense to possess several computers, for example, a fixed one at home and a laptop for mobile work, smartphone to stay connected etc. However, as often happens, the device memory is hardly enough for all the programs and tasks that we want to perform. It is also possible that the "filled over" drive of notebook make obstacles for its rapid and high-qualitative work. In such cases, in most cases you must format it. We shall understand how to format a laptop in this article.

how to format laptop

Why you may need formatting

  • making the extra room for a more correct functioning if the device’s memory is full of different programs (both useful and not so very),
  • removing unwanted data from the laptop’s memory,
  • pre-sale preparation of notebook (if you do not want to leave any personal data on the gadget),
  • easy cleaning, if the computer will be used for other purposes (for instance, if you decided to reuse the home gaming laptop as working one).

Important: Formatting will erase all of your data on the erased disk. Make sure to back up in advance!

Methods of formatting

laptop drive formatingDepending on the kind of notebook you are using, there may be two ways of formatting:

  • Using the additional setup disks that are included.
  • Using the backing-up partition located on the hard drive.

It is very simple to determine the method for your laptop: if you received an extra set of disks along with your device – so the first way is for you. 

If the disks were not included, the section is located directly on the hard drive of your laptop.

Step-by-step instructions

Above all, remember that all the steps you need to perform slowly and carefully to avoid any accidental unwanted consequences. Even if you are unsure how to format a laptop, or performing the procedure for the first time, you should pay close attention to the content of all popup windows. So, here we start. 

formatting laptop steps

  1. If you have a disk, insert it into the disk drive and wait until the laptop detects the available information on it. Most likely, the laptop will open the startup window and will offer you several options to choose from to continue the work. You should choose to install the new operating system from all available options. 

    If Autorun did not start for whatever reason, you should go to the "Computer" folder and run the contents of the disk manually by pressing the right mouse button and choosing “Autorun”. The reasons for manual drive run may be several: for example, you have previously banned the autorun in the settings for all media types. Another reason may be due to the disc non-readability or damage. 

    Warning: before inserting the disk into the drive, check for scratches, dirt and any other defects. Using the low-quality or contaminated disc can not only lead to failure of information read on it, but to the damage to the drive itself. Remember that the laptop drive is not as protected as the drive of a desktop computer. Many details are not covered with a plastic shell in it, so it is more susceptible to damage.
  2. how to format laptop 2After you launch the Autorun, the system will offer you several options. There may be a confirmation of the action as "Press any key" or "Press Enter" among them. If you will be absent during that time when computer asks any user activity, the process may be simply suspended until the time you get back. 

    Please note that there shall be no interference in the working process. Many people cannot resist the desire to press a button or click a mouse, "speeding up" the effect. But it is only psychological acceleration. In fact, it is impossible to make the process faster.
  3. When formatting the hard disk, it is recommended to choose "By default" option from the suggested configuration. In this case, all settings will return to the original ones. Click the appropriate option named "cleaning" and follow the further instructions. Do not forget that the system may take time to work, so you should not rush it. Even if you think that the process stopped altogether – most likely, it is simply slower than you expected.
  4. It is important to remember that after the completing procedure, the desktop panel will be plain empty. Do not worry, it is normal.
  5. usb drive for laptopYou may have a need to insert the disks that contain the necessary drivers and utilities, according to the manufacturer, after completion. 

    The first drivers required to install is the chipset driver. Sometimes they have the option "for dummies" or "beginners". 

    In this case, the installation will be done automatically. If this mode is not present, you have to install it manually. This is not a big deal: this chipset is separate from the other drivers, such as, for example, audio or video. 

    It can be found often at the link to the motherboard. But this whole step is required only if your laptop is old, of more than 15 years by age. Most of newer models don’t require such kind of drivers as they installed automatically during Windows installation.
  6. Even if the regime is not automatic and you have to do everything manually by selecting options yourself, remember that the tips will still be. The computer may require user intervention to confirm several most important actions and/or to reboot. 

    Computer independently may have not carry out any actions except installation, so be careful and watch out for what is happening on the screen. Still, with Windows XP or higher, all the installation goes mostly automatic. Win 8 and Win 10 do not require interference of user at all during the installation process.
  7. The next step, or rather steps are to install all the drivers consequentially: for the sound, video, net etc., to provide full functionality of computer.
  8. All the necessary programs should be installed after completion of the Windows installation.

Formatting using help of recovery section

formatting laptop tips

  • If you don’t have the disk, proceed as follows. Restart the computer. Press F10 during the reboot process. This opens the corresponding menu on a blue or black background, where it is necessary to take the next step.
  • Select from the list "install a new system" option. The program will do everything for you. You may only watch the process. During reinstalling all the same happens, only under the control of the system.

Formatting the drive, in spite of the scary term, is not such a complicated task itself. You only need to follow the instructions according to the type of installation. The main thing is what it should be remembered – a copy of your data. If you do not do it, then the information may be lost forever.


I could not agree with the previous comment. Sometimes it happens that an urgent need to format a laptop, and you're in a remote village, where transport travels very often, and a computer wizard lives several kilometers away from you. In such a situation there is no other choice but to deal with the formatting of their own. I believe that it is quite an easy process, and each of us has to deal with the matter after reading this brief guide. Of course, at first I could not get everything perfect, but the main thing is not to give up and be very attentive to the work that is done. In our time, a man who is well-versed in computers in great demand. Good luck in your new endeavors.

Answered 1 year ago.

It does not always have possibility contact to professionals, when problems with your computer. I'm find for information from Internet, I myself can not format hard drive, reinstall operating system, make bootable USB flash drive, and more. In fact, it is not too difficult, main act on instructions, and if something does not work - ask in forums or specialized sites, there will always help advice and explain how to do it. And most importantly, keep all important information, then it will be impossible recover.

Answered 2 years ago.
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