How to increase internet speed?

Do you have any problems with your mobile or computer Internet? Read the article to solve these problems immediately!

Web pages are loaded longer than usual, and speed of downloading of files doesn't correspond declared by provider? It can be caused by a set of factors. Fortunately, there are many means, which will help you to improve quality of Internet connection. You will notice a difference already minutes later. So, how to increase Internet speed?

How to increase internet speed

How to increase your internet speed in windows 7?

  • Test connection speed. Before passing to settings of equipment and computer, check the speed of your connection and compare it with declared by your provider. On the Internet there are a lot of tests about speed of connection. Different tests will show different results. Even the same test can show several different values at repeated checks. The result of testing depends on arrangement of servers and load of a network. Do several tests and find an average value.

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How to increase internet speed with cmd

  • Compare a test result to the data declared by provider. Specify in support service what connection speed you should have. Remember that provider will specify the greatest possible speed, but the actual speed won't always correspond to this figure. If you didn't change a tariff plan for a long time, you will be able to receive higher speed for a smaller payment. As a rule, the companies don't report to clients about more favorable offers. So check whether new tariffs have appeared at them since you began to use their services. Study proposals of all providers in your district.
  • Reboot a router. Restart of modem or router will help to solve many problems with connection. Just disconnect a cable from network, wait 30 seconds and plug it again.

How to increase internet speed in cmd

  • Reduce distance between a router and computer. If you are connected to the Internet by means of Wi-Fi router, the weak signal can be cause of low speed of connection. Arrange computer and router as more closely to each other to improve quality of a signal. And eliminate, if possible, all obstacles between them such as walls, furniture etc.
  • Remove excess toolbars. If many toolbars are installed in your browser, they can significantly slow down connection. Having got rid of unnecessary panels, you will accelerate operation of the browser and will be protected from leakages of your personal information.
  • Clear your hard drive. Not well-groomed hard drive can slow down operation of the computer, and it will be reflected in all your actions including work of the Internet. You will spend only several minutes on optimization of the hard drive, but it will significantly improve quality of web surfing.

How to increase internet speed in android

How to increase your internet speed in android?

  • Optimize cache. Browsers keep data of websites in cache to open pages further quicker. If the cache is overflowed, it negatively influences on mobile browser productivity.
  • Check what programs consume traffic. Quite often the speed of connection decreases from the fact that connection is used by other programs. Close all unnecessary applications consuming the Internet.

How to increase internet speed 1

How to increase your internet speed in windows 7 using cmd?

  • Type Control+Alt+Delete;
  • Click on Task manager to open dialogue window;
  • Click on File and then on New task;
  • Type cmd;

How to increase internet speed 1

  • In the appeared window of a black background enter the "ipconfig/flushdns" without quotes;
  • Press ENTER;
  • Wait for the message that the cash of DNS is successfully cleared;
  • After these actions you surely should reload your computer.

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