How to remove shortcut virus – 5 tips for Nigeria

Caught virus on your PC? Learn how to remove shortcut virus and restore the proper work of your device. Get the tips for this process.

Over the last year, harmful software called "Shortcut Virus" become quite widespread. Its main reason as most of malwares is the desire of its developers to make money illegally by infecting your files. Here we'll make an overview of what it is, what it affects and how to remove shortcut virus from PC.
remove shortcut virus

Shortcut virus – what is it?

This type of malware infects your removable storages and your laptop or PC, and then copies the entire content in a hidden folder(s), and replaces the folders and files with their labels. It can penetrate to you via the Internet, external disk or someone’s flash drive, as well as when receiving files through the Bluetooth port.

If you running an outer device, or launching the file received (for example, an archive), without checking for viruses, this bug gets onto your PC and reproduces itself.

After that, it turns all of your information in files, folders and drives into useless labels. You only multiply the malicious piece of code on your computer when opening them.

 remove shortcut virusIf you don’t treat it for a long time, days or weeks, all of your data may be deleted or irreversibly damaged. Along with this, your computer may be blocked for unwanted screensaver with the requirement to pay for some Bit coins’ amount to some person. For example, equivalent of USD 150-500 etc.

All this leads to data and files loss, and possibly to Windows reinstallation.

Is this a way to cure a PC from this virus?

Fortunately, there are several treatment methods:

  1. Using your standard antivirus software on computer;
  2. By standard methods of your administrative console;
  3. Using .bat scenario;
  4. Via external programs for computer clean-up;
  5. Self-cleaning the registry.

Antivirus usage

How to remove shortcut virus According to many people, faced with a problem of this particular virus, anti-virus is not always effective. Often, the malware did not show up. But it is the first piece of advice that you should follow. If you consider you have faced a problem, be sure to run your antivirus and scan your computer fully and all of external storage devices also. Plug them in the computer during this test, but do not open their folders.

If the result is the discovery of the virus – remove it without delay. If you still have labels instead of folders and programs, move forward.


How to remove shortcut virus – 5 tipsLaunch the admin console on your notebook or computer. To do this, click "Start" and input "CMD" in the search field and then hit Enter. That is, if you use Windows 8 or higher. For previous Windows versions, you have to hit keys Windows + R, and type CMD in the newly opened string.

If you luckily having administrator rights on the computer by default, and possess the ability to run the programs on his behalf, be sure to launch CMD using "Run as administrator" option. In other case, you may not clean PC with the help of this option (the console simply will not be launched) and so, go to the next step. If you did the successful opening – keep reading.

In the command window, type this set of characters:

attrib -h -r -s /s /d LOCATION:\*.*

attrib -h -r -s /s /d LOCATION:\*.*Enter the letter of your external or local disk instead of LOCATION that you having desire to clean from the presence of the virus and the consequences of its destructive activities and press Enter. If you want to manage all disks in this way, both external and local, from this malicious code, then you consistently repeat the same operation with them all, substituting the letter of each your drive till the end.

The treatment of referred virus must be completed at this stage. Repeat the full virus scan to be sure.

Using the .bat file

The .bat-file is the same text file that is created in the usual Notepad. After opening new file, you have to write the following:

@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d LOCATION:*.*

@echo complete

How to remove shortcut virus for NigeriaThe second line (with “attrib”…) has to be repeated as many times as much drives you have, both internal and external, connected to the system. Again, Instead of LOCATION, put necessary letters of the drives, counting them all.

Once you have entered all locations, you save the file with any name on the desktop. Then, manually rename its extension from .txt onto .bat. And do the double-click with the mouse, launching its operation. You may be required to launch file as administrator. Select this option. The virus must be cured.

External programs usage

How to remove shortcut virus – 5 tips 1Open Google, fill-in the query "remove shortcut virus" and do the shortcut virus remover download among dozens of programs, which are offered.
 But be careful – check for viruses every one of them before launching. 
Otherwise, you can infect your PC ever more.

Cleaning the register

Go to “C:\Windows\System32” and erase the "regsvr" file.

If it is not there, then go to “C:\program files” and do the same. If you still haven’t find the file, then this step should be skipped.

 remove shortcut virus for NigeriaThere're several methods to how to remove shortcut virus. With the help of most of them, you can clean your computer ornotebook completely from the undesirable soft just in a couple of minutes yourself. No need to have special knowledge to do this – just follow the instructions given in this article, and you will save your nerves and efforts. The best protection is to have a strong anti-virus and stay away of suspicious Internet sites.

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Repeatedly faced with a virus called "Shortcut virus." Rubbish alone could not remove it. Very good article describing this virus. Qualitative tips on how to remove it. A lot of important files stored on your computer, very sorry to lose them, or worse still completely reinstall the system. It is important to install antivirus software on the device. Folder scan all files and applications without opening them. If a virus is found remove it immediately. It does not take much time one minute, but your computer and all the valuable content on it will be safe.

Answered 2 years ago.

I had deal with virus, when turned on stick someone else in his laptop and files on computer turned into conventional labels! I don't know what doing, so I call master, my computer had lot of important information for me. Since virus is so bad that even after delete Antivirus, folders that are in form of labels disappear. Memory hold they are, but see them you will not. I want warn, beware before you plug in USB flash drive someone else on it may be unpleasant "surprises". Now, I know, how delete this very nasty virus from computer. Thank you!

Answered 2 years ago.
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