Is 4 GB ram enough?

Does it make sense to buy computer with 8 GB of ram and more for simple office work? Read the article and you’ll find useful advices for buying of your perfect PC.

Recently modules of random access memory have considerably fallen in price. It leads to the fact that for the same money the user can buy not 1 GB memories, but 4 and more.

Is 4 GB ram enough

Is 4 GB of ram enough for windows 10?

32-bit operating systems aren't capable to use for needs of one application more than 3.25 GB of memory. Everything that exceeds this threshold is used for ensuring operation of accessories, and at large volume just stands idle. 64-bit editions of operating systems help to solve this problem. However, there are questions of expediency and economic efficiency.

Let's consider influence of additional gigabytes of memory on productivity and speed of reaction of computer in practice.

Is 4 GB of ram enough for windows 10

For the experiment, take computer on the basis of Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, 3,6 GHz processor with installed Windows 10, 64-bit operating system.

The quantity of busy access memory during the usual office work (Word, Excel, 1C, Avant of 50-60 tabs, Firefox of 15-20 tabs, mail, Folding, simple editing of graphics) remained 2,0-2,2 GB both at 4, and at 8 GB. After a full load of an operating system, the volume of occupied memory was 1.3 GB in both cases. Seldom or never use of memory increased to 2,8-3 GB. In games maximum using of memory didn't exceed 3.4-3.5 GB.

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Is 4 GB of ram enough for gaming

Under any usual conditions of using of computer, the volume of used memory didn't come very close to 4 GB.

Further, we will consider influence of additional volume of random access memory on the speed of loading of programs. Time of loading of game GRID at 4 GB memory has made 14 seconds, at 8 GB — 12 seconds (a gain of productivity of 14,3%).

Loading of operating system from moment of pressing Power button before opening of Windows Live Messenger at 4 GB memory makes 101 seconds, at 8 GB memory — 94 seconds (a gain of productivity of 6,9%). Switching off in both cases takes 31 seconds. Time of loading of other often-used applications also slightly was reduced. Programs, which are used seldom, demanded identical time for loading. 

Is 4 GB of ram enough for MacBook air

Thus, increase in volume of ram with 4 GB to 8 GB has led to acceleration of loading of operating system and applications for 10-15%. The usage of memory hasn't increased.

Therefore, to ordinary home computer, which is used for work with office applications, and also small games, 4 GB random access memory is quite enough. 8 GB in such system won't bring any essential advantages, but will demand some sum of money, which will be better to be directed to more productive processor or video card.

In some specific tasks (for gaming, processing of images in Photoshop or rendering of video) productivity gain from additional 4 GB memories would be more essential.

Is 4 GB of ram enough for MacBook air 1

Is 4 GB of ram enough for gaming?

Technically, you can play having 4 GB of RAM, but levels will be loaded catastrophically long and the headache because of delays when switching applications and sluggishness of system will be provided to you in general. On the other hand, if there are theoretical situations, where more than 16 GB of memory will give real benefit, then they are so rare and can be not taken into consideration.

But even if game will take the place, it is necessary to leave a little more ram for background processes and for additional needs of the game. Every time when you exceed the available volume, everything begins to work incorrectly (slows down). In case with games, which embody open world instead of traditional loading of levels it can be very unpleasant.

Is 4 GB ram enough 1

Many games demand no more than 8 GB of memory that will be rather rational purchase. If you are a fan of year-to-year, demanding games than look at the 16 GB RAM (in addition to 8 or 16-cores processor) – this option will ensure the best performance for your leisure.

Is 4 GB of ram enough for MacBook air?

Often users get MacBook air for work with computer graphics: video, photo, modeling and so on. All these apps take away a large number of random access memories. Besides, most likely, on your MacBook such applications as x-code, iPhone Simulator, Safari (flash for music), iTunes, Photoshop, Skype, Mail, and Dropbox will be constantly started. In that case, there will be not enough 4 GB of memory.


As a true Apple user, I know nothing about overclocking (only a few times ran the benchmarks) and I think the measure of effectiveness is not the amount of RAM, and my feelings from working at the computer. It would be strange if I started to talk about how much RAM you need for comfortable work or games. For example, my MacBook has 4 GB of RAM, and I was wondering justified 16 GB on cool computers?

My interest would have remained theoretical, if I hadn't found the survey by TechSpot. TechSpot editor Steven Walton Steven Walton) conducted a series of tests comparing the performance of the computer in three variations: with four, eight and 16 gigabytes of RAM.

Here the computer settings:

CPU — Intel Core i7-6700K (4 GHz).

Motherboard — Asrock Z170 Gaming K6+.

Video card — GeForce GTX 980.

SSD — Crucial MX200 1 TB.

OS — Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.

RAM — DDR4-2666 at 4, 8 and 16 GB.

Variation with 16 GB of RAM is justified only in two situations. The first rendering video in Adobe Premier. With a 17-minute video, the computer took 290 seconds (16 GB), 300 seconds (8 GB) and 415 seconds (4GB). The second test is the comparison of performance when compressing files. The test is synthetic, and RAM came in handy here. With 16 GB speed run was 9 290 MIPS (million operations per second), with 8 GB — 2 902 MIPS and with 4GB — 446 MIPS.

In others tests, and all of them were about 10, variations with 8 and 16 GB of RAM showed itself quite equally, chetyrehyarusny only a little lost.

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4 GB of memory for me it is very small. But for people who do not have to keep a lot of files, it should be sufficient. Previously, all missing 1 GB, but now times have changed and technology, and their number is not enough. This is necessary to keep a lot of pictures to whom the video who is the other program's. Still, when something comes to an end this memory,and delete old files pity. So that the memory will always be small. How much would it were not, there is always what to keep, and do not want to remove, because it is the memory of life.

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If at some point the available memory is exhausted, Windows will not stop working. In such cases, the operating system relies on the so-called virtual memory. For this purpose, use a dedicated local disk on the region and on Windows it writes all data from RAM that is not being used currently, and at the request of the user again reads them, using resources from local disk. Because the local memory is slower than RAM chips, the process of reading data from disk takes much more time, during which the computer can significantly "slow down". If the system regularly accesses virtual memory, it is a sure sign that it is time to consider more RAM.

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