What bad email habits to avoid?

How to look like a real professional? How to work with email right? Read and learn good and bad habits.

Modern people communicate not only with the help of phone calls and SMS. One of the most important means of communication has become electronic mail. It is used in both professional and informal spheres of life. To be a successful businessperson, you need to know which e-mail habits are appropriate for you and which of them you should get rid of.

e-mail habits

Positive habits

Along with the annoying email habits, there are those, which define a highly professional person. Many of successful people have developed and use them. Let’s look at the most significant ones:

  • Reading the majority of messages. This is a key feature of Apple CEO. He receives about 700 emails every day. Being a workaholic, he gets up quite early to read them all.
  • Sending less emails. According to the LinkedIn CEO point of view, the less you send, the less you get. He found it out, when several of his colleagues, who loved exchanging messages, left their positions. The number of emails significantly decreased.

bad email habits

  • Pointing the deadline of the response. This is the smartest trick of Birchbox cofounder.
  • Never starting with a first-person pronoun “I”. As Loews executive thinks, it denotes that you are more important than the one you are writing to. It might leave quite negative impression and to decline the desire to answer you.
  • Pressing emails with one added character. When Amazon CEO gets messages containing, for instance, compliances, he immediately resends them to the appropriate employees with just one added sign. They consider them as the most urgent and do their job.
  • Declaring email bankruptcy. Hootsuite CEO and founder consider it a wonderful ideal to delete all the messages once in several years.

There is also a list of habits, which everyone should possess despite his or her position, namely to:

  • limit processing time for each mail.
  • make quick decisions about answering/deleting.
  • add required things to the calendar.

email habits to avoid

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  • write short messages. Two-three sentences are usually enough.
  • leave only unread emails in an inbox. Their number will immediately get smaller.
  • use bookmarks or ‘read-later’ notes.
  • apply a strict filter for unwanted mails.
  • close email as soon as you finish working with it.

Email habits to avoid

To become a real professional, it is also necessary to know about the bad email habits. If you have them, it may spoil all the impression about you or your company. Let’s look at the things, which are better to be avoided:

  1. Marking all the messages urgent. If you do so with each email, all of them will soon become unimportant to the addressees.
  2. Informal tone. The way you write should reflect the relationships between you and the recipient. If it is a business letter, it must not be casual. Be careful with emoticons, exclamations and other informal things as well.annoying email habits
  3. Being too stiff. You must not be like a robot. A little bit of personality and emotions in letters is okay.
  4. Replying properly. In case when letter is sent to a group, make certain you have clicked “reply to all” – but only in the case if this touches the whole group. If it was to you, and others were just FYI-persons, answer only to one recipient in this case.
  5. Copying messages having nothing to do with you. You should first ask the sender about it.

Keeping to those rules will allow to become a respectful person and to look like a real professional in the eyes of your recipients and partners. Besides, some of those tips will give you an opportunity to save your time and make your work with electronic mail very effective.

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