What is the best new computer buying guide?

Do you think of buying a new computer? Then this article is just for you! Read about the main moments that you should consider buying a new PC.

new computer buying guide

Buying a new computer, you always ask yourself “what exactly do I need to buy?”
Good computer is not always defined by its characteristics; it’s more defined by your personal needs. So, it’s not a secret that you need some guide to follow, choosing your new operating machine.
Let us show you the most optimal new computer buying guide.

Desktop or Laptop


This is the first thing you need to decide! And the choice between these two types of computers is pretty simple to make.
If you are sure that you will use your machine outside of your working place, laptop is what you need. It’s portable and it lets work wherever you want. Also, consider you should choose a laptop with a matte screen as LCD is unwatchable under the sun.
And if your choice is a big workstation, desktop is the best choice. One of the advantages of desktop is that you can choose the screen for reflecting. For example, it can be a small monitor, which you will use for typing and surfing the net and at the same time you might switch your HDMI cable to your TV screen and watch movies. In addition, desktop are usually more powerful than the laptops.


central processor

Processor is the key factor. You should very attentive to your computer description, as the name of the processor is always there. Do not forget to ask the buyer about the quantity of its cores, its frequency and to which generation it refers.
Also, find some information about the latest processors on the net, so some unfaithful consultant won’t trick you.
Shortly saying, the processor is the brain of your computer and all the running processes and the quality of their work depend on it.


random acess memory

Consider that RAM is measured in gigabytes and more gigabytes you have in it the better. Processor is something responsible for multitasking, when RAM is the space for keeping the data of your processes at the hand.
RAM is Random Access Memory of your computer and it affects the speed of operating the processes. Some even call it the operative memory.

Hard Drive

hard drive

This choice is easy to make. Simply saying, your hard drive is a space for saving your data. So try to think of the amount of space that you will require to have all your files. You should not also forget to check out its speed of work and exchanging files.
Nowadays, most of the people prefer SSD, it’s like a new generation of hard drives. They are smaller and work 10 times faster than HDD. However, if you are not an engineer or pro gamer, you won’t need it.

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Be sure that you have all the required peripherals for a comfort work. If it is a laptop, there is no necessity to buy a keyboard and a mouse. However, when you have bought a desktop PC, you should choose some of those. The variety of them is huge, and the ones you need depend on your motives of buying a computer.
Some of people need 10 USB ports, so they USB-hubs or card readers. Define your general needs and buying a periphery won’t be a problem.

Operational system

operational system

This point is the easiest. Choosing the operational system simply can’t be a problem. If you want to use Mac OS, you’ll have to consider that Apple’s production is worthy. Microsoft Windows is the most optimal variant for work, gaming and watching content.
Linux OS is the system for computer engineers, and choosing it, you are likely to be one of them.


pc gaming

If you plan on PC Gaming, forget about Mac OS! First of all, you have to make sure that the graphic engine of your computer is suitable for the graphics of the latest games.
However, usually they cost a lot! The best choices are the Geforce GTX models, they are produced specially for gaming.
Some computers have integrated videocards. They are good for laptops, as they do not get hot and are perfect for operating in office programs.

If gaming is a key factor for buying a new computer, you should think about purchasing a gaming console. They are cheaper and perfect for gaming!

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