Who is the father of computer?

What do you know about a computer which you use every day? Who created it? When? Find the answers here!

Computer era has recently come into our lives. 100 years ago people did not know what a computer is and could not imagine that such a machine will appear.

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Who the father of computer is and state why


Have you ever wondered who created the first clever machine? The person, who invented the first digital computer, was Blaise Pascal in 1642. He is a legendary person in history. His discovery has begun a new era in humanity. People began to create a lot of new unique computers that could solve different complicated tasks. After that the first test mechanical programmable machine Z1 appeared in 1938, based on which the same person invented the first computing machine Z3 in 1941. It was a real revolution. Z3 had all the properties of our modern well-known computer. That man, who created the first mechanical computer, was a German engineer Konrad Zuse.

Who invented the first electronic computer?

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In 1942 American physicist John Atanasoff and his clever student Clifford Berry designed and began to create the first electronic computer. The work was not completed, but had a great influence on the founder of the first electronic computer ENIAC. The man, who invented the ENIAC computer - the first digital electronic computer machine, was American engineer and physicist John Mauchly. John Mauchly summarized the basic principles and characteristics of the computer-based machines and showed the world a real electronic computer ENIAC in 1946. John von Neumann was the Head of the development. Later the principles and structure of the computer were called - Von Neumann.

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The questions about what year a computer was created, where the first computer appeared and who created the first computer in different ways can be answered differently. If it is a mechanical computer, the creator of the first computer will be Konrad Zuse, a country that invented the first computer - Germany. If we consider the first ENIAC computer, then John Mauchly created the first computer in the United States. Who is the father of computer science? Alan Turing. He succeeded working with artificial intelligence. However this phrase appeared only after his death. While the first computers appeared Alan Turing had already tried to find a way to make ‘computers think’.

Those first computers were still far from those ones we use now - modern personal computers. The first machines were extremely huge, often occupy large areas, the size of a two-bedroom flat and weighed up to 28 tons! Personal computers (PCs) have appeared much later.

Who created the first personal computer?

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Creation of the first personal computers became possible only in the 1970s. Some people began to gather the computers for the researches as they could not use them at home. After lots of mistakes and ideas, in 1975 there was the first personal computer Altair 8800, which became the first commercially successful PC in the world. The creator of the first personal computer was a successful American engineer Ed Roberts, who was also the founder and president of the company Micro Instrumentation and also Telemetry Systems, which launched the first PC. Altair 8800 was a bomb of computerization.

Who is the father of computer virus?

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Computer virus is a type of malicious software. It can easily make copies of itself and other programs implemented in the code, system memory, boot sectors as well as distribute its copies on a variety of communication channels. Bob Thomas is known as a father of computer virus which was created in 1971. The first virus was called creeper.

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Those scientists, engineers and physicists, all those who worked with the computers, who created the first personal computer and who made at least some contribution to the information technology, transferred all of us to a new, modern and incredibly promising life stage. Thanks to these talented people. So we cannot say there is only 1 father of computer. Because there are plenty of them!


A trial model of differential machine, which was capable of solving quadratic equations, was built by Babbage in 1821. Then, at the request of the Royal society, the British government gave Babbage a grant of £ 1,500 to create a full-scale working machines. Babbage had quite a large state, more than a hundred thousand pounds, inherited after his father's death. The original machine was made of brass, consisted of 96 wheels and 24 axes and weighed two tons. In addition, there were various items of high precision, specially made by watchmakers. Four years after the start of work Babbage spent 50 times more money than he was given, and the machine never worked, mostly due to mechanical problems. Benjamin Disraeli, former Prime Minister, stopped the project, saying before the English Parliament lapidary phrase: "the one thing that can serve as this apparatus is to calculate the enormous sums of public money that were squandered on it".

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How great human minds, do you agree? With only people do not come up with that did not create and is not destroyed. Okay, let's not talk about sad things, just note that creating a computer, many people hoped to facilitate the work, but in the end, each of us became addicted to the same computer. Not a paradox there? It does not matter it? Scary, I assure you and I can also assure you that razvitetie will continue and we just Homo sapiens swallow and beat us is invented artificial intelligence. Alas, but it is an inevitable fact!

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Nothing that Atanosoff made actually became a working system, nor did they make anything else, nor were any of his ideas used in ENIAC.

Mauchley wrote principles. Pres Eckert developed the electronics. More than anyone else, Eckert is the person who "invented" ENIAC. It worked, it kept working and their team went on to develop the second, third, fourth and many more working whole systems.

BTW - who invented the first e-commerce business? Look up Boston Computer Exchange on Wikipedia and see.

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