Windows Workstations Available In Nigeria?

Hello freinds.

I need a system that has a high performance and multi-task ability.

Do anyone knows if I can get a system with QUAD-CORE processor in Nigeria?

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I work with Multimedia. I edit videos (DV, SD). I love quality jobs and I dont mind using very good system that can handle a lot of graphics. I currently use a laptop which after rendering the job, some aspects of the video pixelates and deters.

I want a system that can handle editing software at the same timew, burn DVDs and as well be efficient and fast enough. I feel laptops have limitations of the extent of expandability in terms of hard disk space (maximum of 250Gb) and RAM (recent laptops are up to 4Gb). Also, there limitation to the number of cards the board has space for.

Who knows the amount of a system that can have the following specifications:


500GB Hard disk (7200rpm)


All DVD format burner

At least 256Mb Graphic memory


I want to know the estimate if possible. I believe in quality and I know when quality product meets the right market, people will pay my money. The fact is some people are looking for the best and won't mind paying more than normal to get what they want.

Another thing is that I want to use my skill to enrich humanity (people I think I can help). TO be a teacher of these things, you must be broad and vast in it and to become vast, you need to EXPLORE ,

Expecting your posts friends.


The truth is, most people here in Nigeria go for systems for the bells and whistle it has and not necessarily what matches their immediate need. I have seen people with systems with the latest dual core processors, over-clocked with above 2g RAM and all they do is word processing and watch movies!


Yes you can get quad-core systems here in Nigeria. The advice I would be offering is, get a system that suits your need(and maybe your pocket!). I still use a single core system with 1G RAM. Why? Cos it churns out the jobs I give it quite effectively for me. Reminds me of the ol' saying "Slow and steady wins the race"

Personally, whatever your need is, I feel a quad-core system is excessive!

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