10 most interesting Nigeria facts and figures – 2015

Nigeria has lots of interesting things to share with the world. Learn the key facts and figures for 2015 and share them with your friends.

Nigeria is a state with rich history. It has a lot to offer and the 10 most interesting Nigeria facts and figures cover its history, geography, ethnos and community. Enjoy these list and share it with your comrades on social media:

10 most interesting Nigeria facts and figures

  1.       A Global fashion capital
    10 most interesting Nigeria factsIt’s no surprise that Nigerians love fashion. Nigerian women for hours can discuss their dresses and styles in clothes. They have beautiful ethnic consumes and colors. However, of late Nigerian designers have begun to grow in fame around the globe.If you were to look at the list of top ten best African designers, you would see many Nigerian names there. For instance, Duro Olowu tops one of such lists. Another name is Deola Sagoe and or course LANRE DA SILVA AJAYI or LDA. African fashion is no longer a nonsense. Many talented designers have turned the dream into reality and Nigerians have a key role in this business.
  2.     Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian Nobel prize winner.
    Wole write his ‘Telephone Conversation!’ and was bestowed with the Nobel Prize for it. The event took place back in 1986. He has become not only the first Nigerian, but the first African ever to receive this award.So, Nigeria and Africa are not only about elephants, sightseeing and oil. It’s not about poverty and diseases. Africa has a rich writing and cultural tradition to offer. And one fact about Nigeria is – Wole Soyinka has become a Nobel prize winner!
  3.      4th place among the most multilingual nations of the world
    most interesting Nigeria facts There are more astounding facts about Nigeria and one of them is the use of 521 languages on its territory. What is more, 510 of them are real alive and presently used languages.Nine languages are now extinct and two second languages have no native speakers. Presently the official language of Nigeria is English. It works as a uniting factor among all the 250 tribes of this nation. There are three other major languages spoken by large groups of people there: Igbo, Edo and Hausa.
  4.     The population of Nigeria equals to 1/5th the entire populace of Black Africa
    One of the 10 facts about Nigeria is its huge population. Just imagine little over a hundred years ago in 1911 the population of this state was only 16 million people. Presently it has grown to almost 180 million.It accounts for 20 percent of all the black African population. The forecasts tell us that by 2050 the country can take the 4th place among the most inhabited states of the world and grow to 444 million.
  5.     Population boost: Lagos vs. Eastern states
    interesting Nigeria facts and figures Nigerian bureau of statistics (http://www.nigerianstat.gov.ng/) states that Lagos population in 1872 was just around sixty thousand people. Presently this city has become the most populated one in Nigeria. What is more, it can compete by the number of people living in it with the entire Eastern states’ population.Originally Lagos was located on the islets and served as a port city. Later on it got expanded onto the mainland to secure the unique natural environment of the sand beaches of isles.Officially it has a population of over 17 million, but in reality it surpasses 21 million people. Presently Lagos is the 4th most populated city in the world.
  6.       World Bank loan – 1977
    The first loan ever gotten from the World Bank by Nigeria was obtained in 1977. Among 10 most interesting Nigeria facts and figures is the fact that this its economy outpaced the South African one and Nigeria has become the prominent GDP leader in Africa.Its figures show amazing 568 billion dollar GDP with $5600 of GDP per capita. Its economy is growing fast. However, this year the country plans to take another loan from the World Bank in the sum of 2 billion dollars to help it through the year.
  7.     5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world are Nigerians
    interesting Nigeria facts and figures – 2015Forbes magazine compiled the list of 10 richest pastors of the world. Half of them come from Nigeria. You can find an article on this topic here: http://www.naij.com/302279-meet-the-top-10-richest-pastors-in-the-world.html.The richest guy of the ten is David Oyedepo with over 150 million dollar net worth.Many of them make a fortune collecting offerings, receiving gifts or selling their books, audios, videos, subscriptions, etc. Some of these guys own restaurants or other types of businesses and chains.
  8.     Oldest West Africa civilization – Nok culture
    This discovery was made in 1928. The Nok culture is believed to be one of the earliest empires in the west of Africa. It dates back to 1000 BC and 300 BC.  No one knows why this civilization ceased to exist. These people have left many sculptures of their deities. All these pieces were of specific color – terracotta. In many cases, archeologists were able to dig out only the heads of the sculptures.The terrain of the old and long gone civilization habitat included such locations as Nok, Aduja, Jos and Kaduna. Usually this land is marked in terrocotta, when talking of the ancient Nok, because of the distinct color of all their statues of humans and animals.
  9.       Walls of Benin.
    most interesting Nigeria facts – 2015We all have heard about the Great Chinese Wall, but the next most amazing and longest man made construction of the world is the Wall of Benin. Its erection was completed in 1460 and it is called the Benin Iya.Scientists believe the construction of the walls took over 600 years and it started in 800 AD. These walls were meant to defend the city of Benin and its lands. The walls’ height amounted to 18 meters. They were made out of sand, clay and mud. The amazing fact is that they stretch for over 16 000 kilometers.Archeologists believe the constructors had to invest over 150 million hours of hard work and digging to complete the walls. The Edo people were the one who performed this titanic effort. The walls comprised of ramparts, earth boundaries enclosing the community lands.
  10.     The state split in Nigeria
    Another one of the most interesting facts about Nigeria is the state split. Originally the country consisted of 4 areas, but in 1967 they were split into smaller regions by Gowon. This politician has become one of the youngest rulers as he stepped into his position at the age of 32.The problem he had to solve was the ethnic enmity and pressure in the 4 areas. So, he came up with an answer and divided them into 12 states. These states have become the foundation for the present day 36 states division. This same Gowon is also known for starting the development of Nigeria oil deposits.

These 10 most interesting Nigeria facts and figures allow us to rediscover Nigeria. This state has so much to offer culturally, linguistically, geographically, ethnically, historically and in many other unique ways.

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For a long time studying the information on Nigeria. I like it very interesting. I know that Nigerian women are very fond of fashion items and can spend hours just talking about fashion and stuff. It was very interesting to read about the best African designers and learn their names. I wish them even greater inspiration, glory and success. Also learned about the construction of the famous Walls of Benin, which was built for 600 years, just think about it as a number, how many generations stroyily to complete. It's amazing! What resorted people at that time to protect their territories. How much work and effort invested. I admire these people.

Answered 2 years ago.

I can add another fact, which can be curious to everybody who likes Nigeria. Actually, it is an event, but it happens nowhere, just this area! It is an odd Argungu International Fishing Festival. Real Nigerian fishermen contest in catching the hugest fish ever, using no equipment: just their hands. Local beauties are watching the contest, choosing the most skillful groom. The festival takes place only in February or in March. The event is so attractive to all, that the guests start to show up there long before the contest. The winners get the greatest prizes, including automobile and a trip overseas. Thus, any quick Nigerian guy can “catch” his lucky chance together with the fish he grabs. The girl and the vehicle will be his…sure, in case of the victory!

Answered 2 years ago.

Hello. I never thought that Nigeria takes the 4th place among the most multilingual countries. I always thought that the people in this country understand each other in their native language, they all say the same. We need more study Nigeria interesting country! =)

By the way, the credit in 1977 I too was surprised suddenly. How did this happen? Now count more on this, because the economy in this country at a good level, with respect to Africa. In general, rich people live in Nigeria, there's specially trained business? =)

We will learn more) Thank you for the article !!

Answered 2 years ago.
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