6 kids of the richest people in Africa: how do they do in life?

What are the kids of the richest parents in Africa are doing? Learn the history of 6 of them.

Kids of the richest people

The life would be so much easier, if your folks were rich! You get all you can dream of and even more! But do the kids of the richest parents turn out alright? Let’s find out about these 6 people from Nigeria and Kenya.

Kids of the richest people in Africa:

These children got lucky. They have never known the need. They ate well, got brilliant education and never struggle to make the ends meet. So, have they amounted to much in life?  

  1. Ahmed Indimi (Nigeria)
    Presently he co-owns Oriental Energy Resources, founded by his father Mohammed Indimi. He obtained the best education possible in America and now is one of the successful company directors.
    Ahmed Indimi
  2. Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (Nigeria)
    She is the baby of Femi Otedola, who owns billions of dollars in Nigeria. The mother is in the oil business, but the daughter has chosen a different path in life. She has become a musician and a DJ. At this she stormed Nigerian show biz to be listed among the best.
    However, such success did not make the girl proud or stingy. She runs charity tours to raise money and help women in Africa to get better education and more chances in life.
    Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola
  3. Vimal and Tarun Shah (Kenya)
    The brothers come from Kenya and their dad Bhimji Depar Shah should be proud of them. Now he relaxes and enjoys himself, while the lads rule his business. And do it well, too.
    Vimal and Tarun Shah
  4. Jide Adenuga (Nigeria)
    Another Nigerian and a son of a very rich and respected man Mike Adenuga. However, Jide’s reputation is not so good. Some talk him down for being lazy and bad. Still the young man started his own business and has become its CEO.
    Jide Adenuga

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  5. Theo Danjuma (Nigeria)
    His dad is in oil business. The name is famous. Both the son and the father collect art and share one passion in life.
    Theo Danjuma
  6. Sameer Merali (Kenya)
    Naushad Merali is his father. When the son was born, he even named the company after him. Now the boy is on the board of directors and successfully rules the business.
    Sameer Merali

As you see, these kids of the richest parents in Africa are doing pretty well. The wealth did not spoil them beyond measure.

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