7 people you need to survive in Nigeria

7 people you need to make a good life in Nigeria. It’s a must know list.

survive in Nigeria

Every country has its unique culture and set of requirements to survive and succeed in it. These 7 people will come handy, if you wish to do that in Nigeria.

People you need to become a success in Nigeria:

  1. A good tailor
    Fashion is in the blood of Nigerians. If you do not know how to look your best, you won’t succeed in this country. And buying great clothes is not always an option here. So, find a fashionable tailor to make your excellent outfits and look your best. Always!
     good tailor
  2. A car mechanic
    Nigerian roads are horrible in some parts of the country. So, be ready to fix your vehicle often and find a good mechanic to handle any possible break down. At times you may also get poor quality gasoline, so he better be a versatile and skillful guy.
  3. A cab driver
    Getting around the place in public transportation is not the best option. If you get a good cab guy, he can move you around quickly. Traffic jams can be terrible, but these people know how to avoid them and get you to any location on time and without trouble.
     cab driver
  4. A hairstylist
    Hair is very important in Nigeria. It’s a part of your image. Get someone good to do it for you.
  5. A police guy
    Well, it does not mean you have to get yourself in trouble. It’s just in Nigeria you should have a guy like that to handle things for you and protect you.
     police guy
  6. An electrician
    Blackouts and electricity jumps can be a major problem in Nigeria. If you wish to quickly restore things back to normal, find an electrician who would come there in the times of emergency and quickly fix things.

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  7. A market guide
    Shopping can be cheap, if you know where to get the best prices. So, getting someone to show you ins and outs of the local markets is a great solution.

These 7 people can make your life in Nigeria easier and help you succeed.

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