Are Ghanaians friendly?

Are you interested in culture and set of mind of Ghanian people and would you like to know what kind of people they are? Read the article and find out more information about those people.

Ghanaians are friendly

From the media, we know that many countries in West Africa are suffering from political instability. From time to time, there flare up ethnic bloody clashes on religious ground. It may seem surprising, but Ghana, where are about 50 ethnic groups settled, where pagans live alongside Christians and Muslims, manages to be the safest place on the African continent.

No wonder that for such a rich and generous land several European powers waged long struggle. Great Britain was the strongest of them. Very soon, the British realized that the main wealth of the state is not ivory or even gold, but people.

For four centuries, millions of Africans fell victims to unscrupulous slavery. But at one point, slavery was abolished, and the British had to make a raid to the north of Ghana, where lived warlike people of Ashanti or Asante, major suppliers of a human commodity. Orthodox Ashanti deeply reveres the great past of their homeland, revered leaders and religiously observe traditions. In Ghana institute of royal power peacefully coexists with the institution of presidential power. At the same time with the current head of state, there is created House of Chiefs, performing an advisory role.


English is declared as the official language, but it is not all. Each ethnic group has their own language. Despite this, members of different clans are understanding each other very good.

Ghana is quite a young country. Firstly, because its independence was gained in 1957, the first state in Africa (the locals are very proud of that fact). And secondly, almost half of the population are children under the age of 15 years. Education for them is compulsory and free. The country goes for it, although it can not be called rich. There are not many elder people, due to the hot climate and the abominable conditions of life people rarely live to fifty.

People here have much calmer attitude to the death than people in Europe. Death for Ghanian is a kind of holiday, the long-awaited vacation after the ordeal of the earth. Therefore, the dead people are buried in the tombs of colour, from a distance resembling carousel figures.

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For those who during their life were fed by hunting, relatives choose an eagle with folding wings and a lion with a removable back. Farmers will be buried in the banana, warrior in a machine gun, the person bitten by a snake will rest in the snake, the teacher in the book, the fisherman will go to the next world in the belly of a wooden carp, and mistress in the womb of poultry. Some do not trust the family and during their lifetime go to the shop where buy the colourful coffin. These products are very popular among Christians, who make up the majority of the population. They visit sectarian churches, like "Cross Church" or the "12 Apostles". There are as much Muslims in the country as much as the Pagans, or rather, the adherents of traditional African cults. In ancient beliefs is a place to fortune telling, amulets, masks, spoke. In Ghana thrive secret societies within which practised ritual cannibalism. None of the Christian missions and could completely eradicate it.

 friendly Ghanaians

Ghanaians are starting their working day early in the morning when it is still light and not hot. Here all ale very busy. Women are on the market for fruit and vegetables, wood and roots. In Ghana, it becomes clear from where did the models get their proud posture and confident gait. Moves of models on the catwalks are repeating the usual African Madonna, who from early childhood are accustomed to walking with a very heavy weight on his head.Actually, African women do it somewhat more gracefully and naturally, as the mannequin does not risk to lose the burden on the road to the colourful bazaar.

The people of this country love to trade and is able to work. However, most of the population lives very poorly. Middle class is virtually absent. The monthly survivor income 50, and that such families are secured. But the Ghanaian poverty is not begging, but rather a poverty of hope and selfless work. People here are not stopped by the dirty and hard work.

friendly Ghana

At the same time the most important thing all people are smiling, joking. In general, the black brothers are basically nice and hospitable. They are interesting interlocutors, have a sense of humour, almost always are polite and helpful. Get acquainted with the good-natured, cheerful, witty Ghanaians, you know what all the same scoundrels were these slave traders.

Ghana this is the most original country in the territory of the African continent. The whole history of this country has left a considerable mark on its development.

Everyone falls in love with this African state. Most often people are affected by the friendly attitude and friendly smiles of the locals, who give honour to their traditions but are constantly moving in a civilized future.


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