"Attah Igala" strikes Fulani Herdsmen and their cattle with a thunder

What do you know about Igala people? Have you heard what happened in their land recently? If not, it’s definitely time to read this article to find out more about them!

Igala people

Most Nigerians are aware about the horrible events that have been happening for a while in the Igala land.

Fulani herdsmen were struck by a mysterious thunder that was sent by the ruler of their land - Michael Ameh Oboni II. He did it because he wanted to protect the people who live there and their farms.

A lot of people commented on this incident. Most indigenous folks think that it was a good idea and now they started to feel safer and more confident than before. Igala people are one of the ethnic Nigerian groups.

There is no official religion so most people are Christian or Muslims. The residence of this ethnic group can be found not far from Niger.

The Igala people occupy about 13,665 square kilometres. It is believed that the population of this Nigerian ethnic group is about 10 million people.

Obviously, its representatives also live in different places but most of them are still residents of Igala land. They have their own history and very interesting culture which are really interesting and unique.

Igala people

If Nigerians from Yoruba and Itsekiri ethnic groups suddenly decided to learn Igala, it wouldn’t be a problem for them. There languages are really similar but there are still differences that are needed to be learnt.

One of the most interesting traditions of Igala is the custom to cut the face of the infant. They use a knife to do 3 stripes above the mouth.

It is done so that people of the same tribe can easily recognize each other.

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However, not all parts of the land are still doing it. In fact, less and less people are doing it. It’s hard to say whether it’s a good or bad idea.

From one side, by forgetting the traditions of your land you influence its future in a negative way. However, not all the traditions should be followed in the modern society. Especially if children are hurt.

Another exciting fact is that their land is actually a kingdom and is ruled by 'Attah Igala'. If you translate it to English, it means the Father of Igalas.

Even though the translation points at the gender of the person, it doesn’t mean that only males can become the head of the land. In the past there were also women who got the right to rule the country.

Igala people

Most of the authorities there are remembered as brave and confident people who always wanted to protect their country and its population.

There are a lot of special ceremonies when the new king is being chosen. For instance, Attah Igala who right now is being the head of the land had to go through a long procedure too.

First of all, he had to write his name in the special book that keeps the names of the other rulers too.

He also had to share his ideas about the future of this ethnic group and the plans of protection in case something happens.

If we take a look at current Attah’s tactics, we will see that he is doing everything to protect people from danger. Hopefully, nothing tragic will happen in Igala land again.

Most people are sure that their king will take care of them no matter what.

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