Body painting art: why Beyoncé used it in her Lemonade?

How does famous singer Beyoncé looks in her new clip? Who has provided her such image? Read the article to learn about it.

Beyoncé Lemonade is a novelty for musical industry, in which there are a lot of monotonous clips and images. One of the most noticeable heroes of the album is Nigerian artist Laolu Senbanjo‘s working in equipment of body art.

Beyoncé Lemonade

Laolu Senbanjo is the former lawyer who has moved to Brooklyn and decided to change the profession cardinally. Strict legal education hasn't held down imagination of the artist. Today original prints of Laolu decorate city walls and Nike sneakers. His African tribal body art project has inspired Beyonce on visual decisions. The artist's Instagram is a fine source of inspiration for those who look for their style and try to get rid of stereotypes.

African tribal body art

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Besides body art paint, the singer has appeared in dress by famous designer Maki Oh in the clip. It pleased the woman very much, and she has shared it with admirers in Instagram.

African body art

Skin was considered as pure canvas, which can be used for writing of pictures for long time in Africa. This opinion has still remained in this continent.

African body art

The body was always used for designation of social status of the person and his religious beliefs. Tribal body art could be put for a certain time, usually for one or two days. Some people decorated their bodies only for important public actions. At the same time, there were tribes, where paints applied on body every day to show their social status.

Body painting was made of available materials. It was plants, minerals and natural glue. At the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century, industrial paints appeared which unlike natural have more rich color.

Tribal body art

Colors using for were chosen according to strict social and religious principles. For example, white was often applied on body of boys and girls and initiated them in society. Young women from Nubian mountains covered a body during puberty and first pregnancy with red ochre.

How to do body art?

First of all, it is necessary to stock up with patience as body art takes a lot of time. It is considered that six hours is a very short interval for full-fledged painting of body.

How to do body art

The main accessories are brushes, sponge, alcohol, palette, a bottle of water and, of course, body colors, which sell in specialized shops. They aren't toxic and safe.

Before work,. be convinced that you have an idea of what you want to draw. Make several sketches. Pressure on skin has to be moderate, but not too light as it can have effect of tickling.


Indeed, modern wearable pictures came to us from Africa and India. In these countries, every second woman bears a certain pattern. Very often, these wearable paintings symbolize the fact that a woman is married or already married. Also various celebrations make drawings. It looks elegant, unconventional and unusual. In every country, every year such figures on the hands, wrists, neck, back, becoming more and more popular. Well, of course that world stars adorn themselves with such patterns in videos. I like these drawings, as are associated directly with the Eastern countries and the culture of the East, which are very close to me in spirit.

Answered 1 year ago.

Fashion on body art is coming from Africa, India. It's interesting to see a popular singer Beyonce in each unusual and curious style. Getting rid of stereotypes sometimes can be very useful for everybody, especially for a creative, modern and fomose person. By the way colors are not dangerous for health of people, who used them from aincient ages. Anyway, I will listen to album and see a style from designer, who inspired Beyonce to follow his decision. Looking forward to seeing of her new videoclip.

Answered 1 year ago.

All new - is well forgotten old and somewhere deep inside I expect this trend. Whatever it was, I am very happy that such famous people like Beyoncé, honor tradition and treat them with a special thrill. And in general is now very fashionable to draw patterns on the temporal body, would take at least henna drawings in Indian women, followed by the rest of the people from all over the world. I want to quickly see the new video of my favorite singer and appreciate the beauty firsthand.

Answered 1 year ago.
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