Bombshell! Have you seen a photo of a naked woman spotted walking on the streets of London?

A woman was going naked down London street! What was it? A protest? An unknown problem that a woman had faced? Check out the photo here! All the information about the hilarious accident is in this article!!

naked woman shadow

In London a naked lady was spotted going down the middle of a street. A woman, of course, left all the residents and passersby amazed. A naked woman is not usual thing in this part of the UK, however in the other ones too.

naked woman in London

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The mysterious lady was pictured walking naked down the center of Chequer Road, which is in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. She was walking there and everyone could see her in daylight. A shocked passerby, who had the chance to take a picture of this woman decided to share it on his Facebook account, saying something like: ‘It’s a beautiful day for a walk down the road Chequer’.

naked woman

What might seem funny to many, it is actually a deeply troubled naked person. Even after gaining popularity, still no one knows who this woman is or what the reason of her unusual behavior is.

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