Can you believe that this gorgeous woman used to be a man?

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Now man becomes beautiful woman. Can you believe this hot lady was born a man? This woman is now a model working under the nickname Morgan West. Now she is dating a guy of the team named Washington Wizards.

Transgender and transgendered people

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For example. John, a boy since childhood, refused to play with toy soldiers. He preferred dolls and loved his mother's lipstick and did not like his man's name. A wicked father and mother insisted him to behave like a man. So martyr lived up to 18 years old. Then he goes to the doctor and the doctor says, ‘Darling, you are a transgendered person! Become a woman and you will be happy!’

Such, in the most general terms, life is composed in the majority of transgendered people before a decision to change their sex. Then the medical team will allow someone to make a sex-change surgery, but someone fails. The fate of the ‘refused’ ones is unenviable: psychiatric treatment to get rid of the obsession or severe depression with the most unfortunate consequences.

Morgan West

Sex change surgeries have long been held around the world. In Nigeria, a growing number of specialized centers for sex reassignment, and there are a lot of first-class professionals - both practitioners and theorists. One of them, sexologist, and psychotherapist was asked to share with us the statistics and to comment on the most common myths about transgendered people.

Some statistics

trangendered Morgan West

Leaders among the countries in the number of transgendered people considered to be Thailand and Iran. In Thailand has a similar phenomenon due to the existence of a whole class of transgendered prostitutes, but the surgeries in Iran have appeared to prevent homosexual relations between citizens, for which there exists the death penalty.  

In different parts of the globe transgendered people number ranging from 1: 100,000 to 1: 300. Man becomes woman much more often than woman does. According to official data, today in Nigeria there are about 2.5-3 thousand transgendered people, while, for example, there are more than 40 thousand in the United States.

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The most common case is when biological male changes sex after 30 years old and biological women at the age 20-25. Number of people willing to do the surgery for sex reassignment is growing every year by 14%.

The cost of surgery varies depending on the city, the clinic and the used technique, but the average price can be compared with the price of a good car. In some countries, the state assumes the cost itself, but in Nigeria such a ‘whim’ will require to pay a lot of your pocket.

Myths about transgendered people:

transgendered people

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1. Transgendered people - the result of improper upbringing.

A study of several hundred cases suggests that transgender education was not different from the education of those who have never faced such problems. The child is not a blank sheet of paper on which the teacher can write whatever he wants. A man is a biopsychosocial being, the biological component is always in the first place.

2. Sex is usually changed by homosexuals.

Indeed, sometimes there is a request for permission to sex change of a person with a homosexual orientation. But such cases do not happen very often. One of the tasks of the psychological examinations is precisely to separate the transgender from those who are not. Homosexuals often, on the contrary, defend the right to be considered as ‘real men’ and ‘real women’ in spite of the opposite opinion of society about them.

3. Transgender - regular sexual indulgence, looking for new sexual experiences.

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Transgender has never been and will not be fashionable. The Commission shall establish a diagnosis on the basis of a long survey and objective criteria. In addition, a lot of transgender consider it unacceptable to have the hated bodily organs. So we often see asexual transgender lifestyle before surgery, not the race for pleasure.

4. Transgender can be treated by a psychiatrist.

There are a lot of things that can be cured by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, but it is certainly not transgender! Any attempts to ‘cure’ transgender do not give positive effect, but on the contrary, force to suffer from the lack of understanding and violent interventions. But the presence of mental illness is a contraindication for permission to change sex.

5. The process of sex reassignment is reduced to ‘restructure’ of the genitals.

The vast majority of transgender people is not concerned about the absence or presence of the penis, but the discrimination and pressure from society. They are forced to wear the hated clothes, have the male name, which they do not consider their own, constantly are reproached ‘misconduct’ and wrong appearance. So most of them are concerned about legal recognition of their status, and surgery does not seem important element of sex reassignment for some.

6. Transgender people will never be able to have children.

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Of course, transgender, after surgery involving the removal of the reproductive organs, can no longer have children, but that does not mean that transgender people cannot have a complete family, or are bad parents to their children (who were born before the sex change, or for kids, who have been adopted) or their spouses’ children. The children, who have grown up in such families, have no special problems.

Man becomes woman, surgery, which is very difficult, rehabilitation, which continues for years… This is only a drop in the ocean of difficulties people meet. But often after tortures and rivers of tears man becomes beautiful woman. Everyone has the right to be happy.

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