Christmas traditions in Nigeria

Christmas is the happy time for people all over the world. Find out how Nigerian celebrate this holy day.

Christmas is a very special time around the world and in Nigeria. Over 50 percent of the population here are Christians, thus we should discover the best Christmas traditions in Nigeria to use in our celebrations.
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When it all starts?

merry christmas nigeriaThe preparation for this special day starts way ahead of time. People buy birds and animals to feed and grow for the celebration meal. Kids may take active part in feeding and caring for those beasts to make them fit to be killed and cooked for the Christmas Eve table.

Christmas traditions in Nigeria:

  • Reunion time
    Christmas reunion time
    Our Lord Jesus Christ has united different people on the day of His birth. His family, the shepherds, rich and wise men and even angels came together. In our days Christmas continues uniting people. Most folks travel long distance to their homelands to meet the family and reunite with those they may not have seen for a long while. It is a great family time.
  • Gifts
    Christmas gifts nigeria
    Christmas is the time to give gifts. God Himself has provide us with the greatest possible gift ever – His Son Jesus and the redemption He offered us. Of course, kids in Nigeria, as anywhere else in the world expect to receive gifts: sweets, new clothes, toys, etc. They may run out to the streets, sing carols and be given by the strangers small amounts of money for their efforts.

    Of course, the adults are also expecting to be gifted by their loved ones. So, make sure to pick the best gifts for your ladies or husbands and for your parents.
  • Hospitality
    christmas cake nigeria
    People cook huge amounts of food during this week. Everyone who comes to visit a house has to be offered the best food and eat all they can. It is highly unacceptable to refuse food offered for Christmas. People visit each other, brining gifts and singing songs of joy of salvation. They sever guests delicous and cute cakes. 
  • Carols
    Christmas carols in Nigeria
    Nigerian people are great singers and they have amazing Christmas carols to sing in their churches, on the streets and just at homes. Indeed Christmas is the time of merrymaking and joyful songs.
  • Church going
    christmas church service in NIgeria
    Surely people attend the festive church services to celebrate the birth of our Lord together and glorify His name. They pray together, worship together and once again hear the awesome story of that special night.
  • Decorations
    christmas decor in NIgeria
    All the streets start sparkling with the festive lights. Homes are decorated with palm branches, Christmas ornaments and garlands.
  • Food
    jollow rice Christmas
    Christmas meals are plentiful and delicious. Here are few dishes especially loved and cooked for this time:
  1. Nigerian fried rice
  2. Fruit cake
  3. Chin Chin snack
  4. Stews
  5. Soups

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As you may see, Christmas is celebrated in Nigeria with the local flavor, but this special time of the year unites people all around the globe and makes them close. They share the common joy and worship our common Lord Jesus Christ together. 

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I like winter holidays, atmosphere these days, selection of gifts, home decoration, festive table, and lot of fun and joy! It is very warm and pleasant days, spite of cold weather! Also of particular importance are tradition. My family has special tradition in those days. We certainly are going together, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and all rest, going in same house. We give each other gifts, delicious eat, watch favorite old movies, TV shows, lot of talking, joking and laughing. This is nice and bright holiday!

Answered 2 years ago.

It's rather nice and pleasant traditions and they have something common with the traditions of my country. But maybe except one thing - snow for Christmas. I just can't imagine a real and true to life Christmas celebration without it. I can't have a real Chisristmas spirit. The people in this country are really great in such thing as creating a Holliday's spirit - they just create it themselves. The Christmas is coming soon but l have no any holiday mood because of the absence of snow at this time in my country, but l am waiting it very much.

Answered 2 years ago.

The celebration of New year and Christmas in Nigeria is filled with traditions, rites and rituals. New year in Nigeria is an amazing event, with songs, dancing and refreshments. In Nigeria, it is customary to use a home-made torches for the announcement of the arrival of the New Year.

Popularity in Nigeria has won the new year's masquerades, however, they involved only men. This masquerade in Nigerian includes a parody of a person or animal, and is accompanied by traditional folk dances. These events aimed to entertain the people during the feast, as well as to punish evildoers and to bring messages of love, kindness and peace in the New Year and Christmas.

Answered 2 years ago.

Perhaps of Nigeria is the a pleasant nice atmosphere Christmas holidays. I would love to meet your Christmas Day in Nigeria, there is a very abruptly rly atmosphere presented with design all make a very festive.

Meet in the warmdth of the family circle is the the besst memories in the world.

This tradition has appeared to our family a very long time, I'll pass it to anyone else.

Thanks you for an enjoyable and fairy the article!

Guys, in Nigeria decided to go to church? I was just always interested in that!)..

Answered 2 years ago.
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