Ciara’s fairytale wedding: did she fulfill her dream of being a princess?

Where did Ciara’s wedding take place? Learn the details of this exquisite special day in her life.

Ciara wedding

First, we hear the news of D’Banj secret wedding. And now another celebrity is up to have one. Let’s find out all the news on Ciara private wedding with her loved one.

Ciara and her secret wedding

We all know this famous woman is engaged to a player from NFL Russell Wilson. This notable event took place back in 2015. Now the couple is ready to enter the matrimony. On this day Ciara decided to have her fairytale. And she is playing the main role of a princess.

Ciara secret wedding

The wedding ceremony took place on this weekend in England. Moreover, the location was picked by the fairytale – an old English castle yard. It is found in the heart of the county at Cheshire, UK.

Ciara had eight bridesmaids. Lala Anthony and Kelly Rowland are among them. All the groom’s friends and maids wore pretty unusual outfits for a wedding. No pink or blue for the picky Ciara. Her sense of style is well-known around the world.

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 secret wedding

The men wore white shirts and tuxedos, and the women wore black dresses! Black and white only! All the dresses were made in different shapes by famous designers.

Ciara’s dress was white and long. Indeed it turned her into a fairytale princess at the medieval castle site. This was a very elegant and romantic ceremony with amazing photos for us to behold.

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