Davido and his baby mama: why do they fight again?

Why did Davido and his baby mama fight again? Learn the news.

davido baby mama

Sophie Momodu is the name of Davido’s babymama. Back in 2015 they took their private relationship public and fought on social media. Seems like after the short reconciliation period they are back at it again.

Why Davido fights his baby mama on Snapchat?

Their daughter’s name is Imade. She is just one year old and in the past the parents fought over her. Now they use Snapchat to call each other names and exchange some naughty comments.

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July 29 was the start day of the new fight. Davido started it first and publicly put down Sophie. The baby mama was trying to keep it all down, but eventually she accused Davido of an attempt to bully her.

davido and sophie momodu

Many ugly words were used in their snapchat conversations. Their fans had a chance to read them all. It is sad that public and famous people fight and even sadder they do it on social media. After all when the child grows up, she may read all their insults!

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