Did Ahmed Darwesh predict his own death?

Who was Ahmed Darwesh and how did he die? Find out now.

Have you heard the latest news? Then you should know about the death of one of the great journalists – A. Darwesh. What do you know about his life? What rumors are connected with his death? Get to know from the article.

 Ahmed Darwesh predict his own death

Ahmed Darwesh biography

He was born in Mombasa, where he also grew up. He obtained primary education at Kikowani and secondary at Tudor Day School. Ahmed was brought up in a large family of twelve, where he was the third kid. He received his higher education at Mombasa Polytechnic and got a degree in Mass Communication.

Ahmed Darwesh biography

He started working as a broadcasted on Pwani FM, and a bit later, joined KTN Kiswahili news desk in Nairobi. Ahmed was a prominent reporter and news editor.

Was Ahmed Darwesh married?

The journalist had a wife and three children. Two of them are daughters, who are now under 7 years old. Ahmed Darwesh sonis their third kid, who is just a bit more than a month.

Was Ahmed Darwesh married

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Is Ahmed Darwesh dead?

This news was kind of shocking. But it is true. Darwesh died in December 2015 after a long fight against diabetes. He was quite young, just 38 years old.

Is Ahmed Darwesh dead?

His wife claims that the late husband has predicted his death. It seems to her that he has already know, when it is going to happen. According to the reports, he called her in the evening. She expected him to be at home already, but he was not. He asked her not to worry about him and also added that his time is short. Soon after this, he died.

 Ahmed Darwesh dead

Ahmed Darwesh family

The whole country keeps mourning the death of this wonderful man. However, his family was affected the most, as they had lost a husband and a father. Nevertheless, the reporter was able to see his newborn son, as he insisted on his wife coming to Mombasa for Christmas. During those days, Darwesh also asked his wife to take care of their children.

Ahmed Darwesh family

Ahmed Darwesh’s wife says, she will always love and miss him as well as his children will.

Ahmed Darwesh

Let’s wish his family to say strong and to live on. The whole world will miss Darwesh – a wonderful reporter, who has deserved the love and praise of the public.

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