Do you know what Nigerian state is inhabited by the most beautiful women?

Nigerian women are considered to be the most beautiful ladies in Africa. Do you want to check it out yourself? Read the article!

nigerian beauty

Most Nigerian men say they prefer Nigerian ladies. They are beautiful, smart and faithful. Beautiful women's bodies for the western and eastern Nigerian men mean that women have ample flesh or even big butts! Also most Yoruba men prefer women with curves, they like to feel something soft they can hold on to.

Nigerian women are considered as the most beautiful ladies in Africa. Because they are so different. They can short, tall, skinny, curved; they even can have different skin color. Beautiful woman's face and women hairstyles vary too. There is a girl for any taste. So African men prefer to marry Nigerian ladies.

Nigeria is always mentioned as the country with the most beautiful women in Africa. Nevertheless, some regions and states have a bit higher concentration of beauties than others. Check out which one right now.

1. Imo State: It can be argued but this state has the prettiest young ladies in the country; well-endowed in all branches. Not surprisingly, it has the largest number of actresses and models.

imo beauty

2. Lagos State: The center of beauty: amazing, cool and beautiful girls with different backgrounds. Ladies of Lagos origin are special because of their distinct black beauty. Men love them!

lagos beauty

3. Cross River State: Not only beautiful, but surprisingly amazing, the concentration of naturally beautiful ladies is an optional addition to the peaceful and beautiful nature of the region. Women from this state are also known for their perfect cooking skills.

cross river beauty

4. Enugu State: This region will certainly wow you with its different beautiful women. You can never go through Enugu, without turning around to check up one of the girls.

enugu beauty

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5. Delta: The concentration of beauties in Oghara, Agbor and Asaba it’s one of the reason to put Delta on our list.

delta beauty

6. Rivers state: The pretty black ladies of Kalabari or other tribes give River state a place on this list. A lot of girls live outside the state and make the men go crazy.

river state beauty

7. Anambra State: Beauties! Anambra ladies are natural models. They also have a reputation for being the perfect wives because of their reserved nature and very conservative background.

anambra beauty

8. Ogün State: Ogün Girls are extremely beautiful if it comes to basic Yoruba women. They're all some kind of beauty and brains mix.

ogun beauty

9. Katsina State: Beautiful women are highly concentrated in Katsina state. There are often light skinned, but still extremely attractive, these ladies are always a beauty to behold.

katsina beauty

10. State Edo: Here the ladies are beautiful inside and out. Whether after visiting Benin, you come back without feeling trembling then you must be blind. 

edo beauty

Now you can choose which state has the most beautiful ladies!

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