Does Game of Thrones have the highest rated TV episode?

Is the Game of Thrones tops the list of the best seasonal movies? Learn now.

 Game of Thrones

Love seasonal movies? Games of Thrones has become one of the most popular among them. Now, what is the best episode ever shown on TV? Let’s find out now.

Has Game of Thrones topped the list of the best?

People just love to rate movies and TV series on internet and media loves to put up such ratings. And the Game of Thrones series is the leader of the batch. In fact two of its episodes were rated as perfect on Reddit. One is the “Ozymandias” and the other one is the “Battle fo the Bastards”. They both got 10 score from the viewers.

Has Game of Thrones topped

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However, on other recourses “Ozymandias” remains the one and only leader and it is rated as the best TV series episode ever! People love the stars of this seasonal movie, as well as its story line and amazing shooting.

What is your favorite TV series and episode? Share it with us and with your friends in the comments’ section.

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