Does reading make your life longer?

Why you read the books? Scientists say it makes your life longer!

reading make your life longer

Scientists have some good news for those who love to read the books. Learn what they have discovered. It is really amazing.

Why reading is good for you?

Well, a long term study was carried out in the UK. They started it back in 1992. It involved over 3500 people. Some of them never read books, others read at times and the last category of people read all the time.

The research lasted for 12 years and the discoveries are amazing. Scientists found out that those who read the books live longer! In fact, regular reading can add up to two years to your life! Moreover, those who read a lot, decrease the risks of untimely death by 17 percent compared to those, who read occasionally.

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 life longer

And occasional readers lower the chances of such death by 23 percent compared to those who never read books. What is more, the regular readers are mostly the women with higher education and high level of income. So, it makes you smarter, richer and reading books increases your chances for longevity! 

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