Gay couple will appear in the Niсkelodeon cartoon, is this true?

Nickelodeon, the biggest TV network for children, are about to represent a gay-couple in a new episode of “The Loud House”. Read the article for more.

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Children TV network Nickelodeon is going to bring something new to the world of cartoons. In a new show called “The Loud House” creators will introduce their first gay couple.

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The Loud House is a show that debuted on Nickelodeon in May. It has a bi-racial gay couple and the main events are about the life of Lincoln Loud and his 10 sisters. Lincoln has a best friend named Clyde, which is considered the main character of the cartoon.
Gay couple includes Howard and Harold, they will appear in the series as the Clyde McBride’s parents. This episode’s storyline centers on them, showing them as overprotective parents. In addition, there will be a subtle reference to their marital status.
The gay couple is voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald. Their debut is about to appear on the cartoon’s episode called Overnight Success. It will start when Clyde heads over to Lincoln’s house for a sleepover.

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avatar legend of korra

The decision to show a married homosexual couple on a program for children was met with very positive reactions.
The last time when non-standard sex-same relations were shown on Nickelodeon in Avatar: Legend of Korra. On the scene Korra kissed her best friend Asami in the last season finale. Some people met it with negativity. However, it was a big moment for LGBT representation on the Western television.
But their relations did not get a further development, as the last episodes were cancelled off the air and shown online.

the loud house gay couple
The situation with “The Loud House” is totally different. No one knows what to expect in the future and what reactions it will bring after it is shown. On the other hand, LGBT relations become something very usual these days. Even in the countries, where gay people are not allowed to marry each other, children have to get used to some awkward moment of the modern world.

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