Google search results: African children vs. Amerian children

How Google search images reacts on taping American Children and African Children? What is the difference in results?

African Children

What is the difference between children from Africa and America? One of the popular websites This Is Africa conducted a trivial experiment to know about how Google see the difference of these children on these two continents. Google received two searches requests for pictures. “African Children”, “American Children”, “European Children”. The results were disturbing, especially for the African Children where their images frequently showed in gloom shadows. If American and European children on most pictures were happy, joyful and smiley. The African Children were sad, restless, angry and despaired.

What the searches shows?

African Children

The difference between two worlds of children is ultimately large. The analysis showed a constant pattern of these there searching groups. First, the background of the pictures. American and European children usually located in a nice environment like a school, family, friends, parks and Beautiful places. The African children provided in the picture are situated on abandoned streets, jungles, rural areas or near half distracted buildings.  The health condition of both groups also is stickily different. If Americans and Europeans are well fed, have no patterns of skin diseases and have nice teeth. The African children usually described ill fed or starving, having skin diseases and not all teeth. Another pattern usually seen is children toys which they hold in pictures. Americans and Europeans have dolls, balls or ice-cream while Africans hold knives, assault rifles or pistols. The clothes for these two kinds of children also diverse as according to Google results children of Africa wear poor, torn and worn clothes while European with American prefer fashion clothes from the late collection. If it`s all that can be seen from their outside look, what are their feelings inside?

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The psychological conditions for these two groups may be described in a set of words. American and European are happy, playful, joyful, cheerful, contented, delightful, excited, giggly, high-spirited, lovey-dovey. The African children in the pictures show the features of despair, anger, horror, starvation, sadness, sorrow, shock, terror, tiresomeness and danger. The overall colour patterns for these two searches also quite different. The colours of pictures for Africans are black and white, grim, low light and gloom. In the same time, European and American are sprinkled with colourful images with all colours of a rainbow and full of light.

What are the alternatives for searches?

american kids playing

Google also provide alternatives for search results to find more specific pictures. For American and European these results are “diverse”, “school”, “flag”, “poverty” … Africans obtain another result like “poverty”, “starving”, “sad”, “in need”, “death” … The similar pattern is witnessed while typing African children in search results where it usually shows sad results like “Helping African Children”, “Donate Children”, “African Orphans”, “Save the Children”, “Helping Starving Children”, “Hungry Children”. In the same time, the results for American are “Child population”, “Childcare”, “Child Statistics”.

What Google representatives responded?

American Children

Who is responsible for such diverse results and alternatives for African, American and European Children? It`s quite a sad result for Africans and can even erupt the anger waves to the Google Corp. The patterns showed in searches results and alternatives provide dissatisfaction to the Africa. It`s not a first time Google provides prejudiced results, for example, if you tape Russian into picture search then you get Putin, Vodka, soldiers and Russian flag. If you tape “American” you get the stars and stripes, a bold eagle and the Statue of Liberty. Google representatives provide information that the image search does not provide the company opinion. It`s a reflection of the contentment gathered around the whole web with a frequency which image appears more often.

We are who to blame

African Children

The Google words just define the society vision to the problems. The society, which means we, creates this content and “prejudices” in the internet images is nothing less than people expected to see in results. African Children images are the search result of gathered information from all content results. These results are expected for people on all levels of conscious and subconscious.


I do not see any problem in these results and as for me they really help to attract the attention of people all over the world to African problems.

Millions of children have no access to clean water, sufficient quantity of food and just cannot visit doctor or get simple medicine. We (most of African states) have these problem and Google help to share among people who can find some solutions. Even if one child will be saved on money donated by someone seen these children - it's better than we see happy/smiling black children on request "African Children".

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