Ha-Ha-Ha Read 10 funniest nigerian jokes

Nigerians love to have a laugh over a good joke. Get the 10 top funniest of them here and enjoy them with your friends.

Jokes are essential parts of our life. They help us to not only stay optimistic, but support conversations and even relations with the others. Everyone should know when people laugh together, it makes them closer to each other. However, there are those, who do not have that good sense of humor. Such people need some kind of assistance, and for them we want to offer 10 funniest Nigerian jokes.

10 funniest nigerian jokes

Let’s start with the observation what a joke actually is and which features makes it a good one. Only after this, you will be able to estimate 10 funniest Nigerian jokes. You probably think that only professional comedians are capable of creating smart and funny jests. Nevertheless, it is not true. Every person can do that.

Types of comedy

It is essential to select your so-called “genre”. Thus, you will know what direction to work in and your ideas will be more concrete. Consider the following kinds:

funniest nigerian jokes 2Satire. In this case, you are mocking at a particular section of society or politicians. We can point some criticism be means of such fun.

Slapstick. It is a kind of rude joke. For example, somebody tells you to be careful, while you, being distracted from what you have been doing, make a mistake or fall down, etc.

Irony. It is when the opposite of what has been expected happens or where someone says the opposite of what they actually mean. There is a lack of harmony between reality and expected things.

Parody. The comedians imitate someone’s behavior or manners in order to create a comic effect.

Spoof. It is a slight imitation. Its purpose is not to ridicule. People just have fun seeing familiar things.

Sarcasm. It mostly concerns short remarks, which are intended to insult somebody. Some stated idea is usually used as a basis. It also often features irony.

funniest nigerian jokes 3Black comedy. Such humorous jokes are specific. They make fun on serious issues. Their aim is to ease the pain or point some important things.

Farce. This type of comedy deals with complete exaggeration. Preposterous situations are applied.

Surrealism. Such jests contain bizarre and unexpected things.

Thus, you see that Nigeria jokes and comedy are very rich in their types. If you want to become a comedian and surprise your friends, you need to first define your style.

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Funny Nigerian jokes

You have probably heard that the most famous jokes in Nigeria are Akpos ones. So, the funniest jokes in Nigeria are as follows:

1. Pregnant Maid.

Our daughter is pregnant!

That’s her problem.

Neighbors are talking!

It is their problem!

I am nervous.

It is your problem.

- They are sure it is yours!

That’s my problem!

2.funniest nigerian jokes 4 Midnight.

The man comes too late and knocks the door. His wife says:

- Go back from where you have just come.

- I will jump into a pool.

- Whatever. Kill yourself.

The man throws a stone into the water. The wife runs out of the house to help, while the man is carefully comes inside and locks the door. The woman is in shock:

- Let me in or I will shout!

- Oh, and you will explain all the neighbors where you have come from in your pants and bra in the midnight.

3. Three Thieves.

Three criminals are in the court for getting their punishment. The judge says: I will give it corresponding to the number of things you have stolen. The first man received just a year for a can of sardine. The second one got 30 years for taking a tray of eggs. Akpos appeared to be the least lucky, as he took a bag of rice…

4.  nigerian jokes At the Border.

A man crosses the border on the bicycle. The officer on the Custom asks:

- What are you carrying?

- Just rice.

The officer spent much time checking and found nothing but rice. The second time the situation repeated.

- What are you caring?

- Rice.

Proper examinations were made in vain again. Once the officer met that man in the bar, he asked:

- Tell me in secret, what are you smuggling?

- Bicycles.

5. Who killed Abel.

A policeman is reading a Bible. Akpos comes to him and asks:

-Who killed Abel?

-Ask the one in charge of murder cases! – shouts the officer.

6. nigerian jokes 1 First Class.

Akpos comes home and tells his father:

- I have got the highest points at school today!

The father was very happy and spent all his money to celebrate it. But when they came home the dad saw the real marks of his son.

- What does it suppose to mean?!

- April Fool’s Day!

7. Our Problem.

The Akpos comes home from his office very upset.

- What happened?

- I have some problems in my office.

- All the problems are ours!

- So, then a secretary in our office is pregnant for us.

The wife fainted.

8.  nigerian jokes 6Attractive. Darling.

Says the wife, – I’m already 55, but one of your friends thinks I am very beautiful. The man answers: I am sure it is Brad. But how did you know? – asks the woman in astonishment. And gets the reply: He always deals in leftovers…

9. Cemetery.

A man writes on the forum:

Our politicians go to Europe for education, to Paris for holidays, to Dubai for shopping, to the US for work. They only want to go to Nigeria for being buried here. I want to ask: Is it a cemetery?

10. Missing Phone.

Akpos is looking for his phone in the darkness. He uses the light of his lost device. Where is it? – he asks. Then a call comes. Akpos answers: I will call you back later, I’ve lost my mobile! After thinking a bit, he tries to dial his number on the phone in his hands. And… he hears a busy signal. Oh, forget it! – says Akpos, – the phone has been stolen and someone has just cut my call!

These funny stories are very popular in Nigeria. You can find them and many other Nigerian jokes and comedyon the Internet. Enjoy reading them and share with your mates via social networks or during the party.

The best comedians

Now when you know about the funniest jokes, you will probably want to know, who is the best comedian in Nigeria. Let’s observe the list:

  1. Alibaba. He is often referred to as Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic. He is really one of the most prominent in this sphere. He was the first to start a concept of Stand up show in this country. He has taken part in plenty of important celebrations in the state.
    funniest nigerian Alibaba.
  2. Julius Agwu. He is not only outstanding comedian, but also a music artist. Besides, he is going to become the nest Governor of his native state (Rivers).
    funniest nigerian Julius Agwu.
  3. Saka. Everyone remember the situation with Etisalat, when being their ambassador, he ported to MTN. Besides, now he is a lecturer and a singer as well. Though he is not a Stand Up artist, many Nigerians adore him.
    funniest nigerian Saka.
  4. Gordons. He is the author of his jokes. Many of them are Ministry-based. He called himself Comedy Berlusconi.
    funniest nigerian Gordons.
  5. AY. The full name is Ayo Makun. And he is one of the most creative Stand Up comedians. Moreover, he is an actor, a musician, a TV host, and an entertainer.
    funniest nigerian AY.
  6. Seyi Law. He is considered Gordons’ partner, because of the similar agility. He touches religios issues. He often plays Jesus Christ on the stage.
    funniest nigerian Seyi Law.
  7. I go die. His stories are connected with poverty, politics, and some other issues like that. There are plenty of lies in his jokes, though they are very funny.
    funniest nigerian I go die.
  8. Apkororo. He is a Stand Up artist, who has managed to gain success very quickly. He also starts dealing with music industry.
    funniest nigerian Apkororo.
  9. Bovi. He was actually the one, who had made Akpos stories popular. Before starting this career, he was featured in Nollywood.
    funniest nigerian Bovi.
  10. Basketmouth. Everyone in Nigeria knows him. He is thought to be a King of Comedy for his striking jokes and mini-movies. Besides, he is Glo ambassador. What is more, he has managed to become famous far beyond Nigerian borders.
    funniest nigerian Basketmouth.

These guys are a very prominent example of the success of Nigerian industry of comedy. Nowadays many of them are known throughout African continent. It means that there are lots of talented people in this country.

nigerian jokes 4Everyone is able to become a wonderful comedian. All you need is strong desire and hardworking. Online jokes are available these days and you can take them as a good example. Now you also know who the greatest Stand Up artists are. Thus, you can learn from them. The key thing is to define your own style.

Remember that you need to know your audience.
Some people may not accept jokes about religion or black humor. So, if you are gifted enough, you can try to become the next King of Comedy in the country. Everything is possible if you are ready to make plenty of efforts. It is important not to give up, because sometimes it takes time to find your listeners. Do not get upset and try to learn lessons from your failures. Then, once you will be on the stage as one of the most prominent comedians of modern Nigeria.

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I liked those jokes! I love laugh, because it's nice and very helpful! We laugh - and be good: facial muscles begin move more actively, lungs are working at full strength, accelerated blood flow, nutrition improves skin and brain, her cheeks turn pink, improves mood. View - very fresh and young. Yes, laughter still burns fair amount of calories! But, truth, and improves appetite. Laughter is good for brain. In laughing human synchronized operation of left and right hemispheres, so problem he decides quickly. And this it removes stress and hence is less depression and neurosis! All smiles :)

Answered 2 years ago.

Wow, did not know that there are so many kinds of comedy. I like to joke, but I thought that it is very difficult and that only professional comedians can create interesting jokes. The main thing to start training need to define your style. Funny jokes examples in the article. We must take note of a few jokes. Nigerian comedians among the best worldwide. They have something to learn. Without jokes in life can not live. To laugh heartily, so that the stomach pains like everyone else.

Answered 2 years ago.

Humor has always been one of the main parts of our life. Humor helps us feel happier, give a smile, feel joy and positive emotions to our friends and relatives. I love to watch a video with a Nigerians comedians via the Internet. Nigerians speak English, it allows me to understand this nation. Humor Nigerians intuitive and affordable. Many immigrants from Africa later became famous humorists in the world, for example, Afro-American Eddie Murphy. Currently, in Nigeria doing various foreign investment, including in the area of entertainment and art. I am sure that soon we learn about new humor stars from that country.

Answered 2 years ago.

Bovi is actually a pretty funny comedian, i may even say that he is the funniestof all. Usually i used to watch a greatnumber of american stand-ups but suddenly i have saw Bovi`s vidoes on Youtube. He told several interesting jokes about politicians, and also about animals. It was actuallyveryfunny and me and my brother were bursting with laughter, we thought he was hilarios. Mainly because his jokes were clean unlike many others nowadays. Probably i keep looking forward to his jokes for this reason.

Answered 2 years ago.

Ahahaha))) Joke bout pregnancy that child from him - that's his problem - funny at all))) This, almost black humor! Generaly, an article funny and fun! I liked everythings that I just read. I do love jokes & anecdotes, it seemse to me I was funny stories of their friends)) Laughter - prolongs life, let us not forget this and will smile more oftten. I wonder if people who come up with annecdotes and jokes - that is nature of this? Well, dont deliberately get that funny - something. But masters of their craft very welll come up with funny situations in the jokes. This, aparentlly, a gift from the people))

Answered 2 years ago.

I like the joke about the April fools day. This joke is rather funny and has some similar with our Ukrainian jokes about the boy named Vovochka, who is rather smart and very funny boy. Some jokes are truly sad and I suppose they are based on the real life of ordinary people. But it is good when people even in hard life situations try to find some positive moments and laugh at themselves even when it's very difficult. To my mind in such way people try to keep themselves in good mood. It teaches us not to give up even when we have problems which we can't solve.

Answered 2 years ago.

I'm fond of jokes about family relationships. There are so many cases in real daily lives that all married couples can write them down twice a day. The joke about the wife and her husband is quite good and funny. Also I liked the story about three thieves. Unfair cases in the court occur more often in the latest times. So this theme became an object for making laugh, it's a pity. As for the joke about the Bible, I suppose it's quite harsh and it's a kind of blasphemy. In the whole the jokes are quite funny.

Answered 2 years ago.

The joke about cemetery is kind of pity, and it made me disapointed in a way, mainly because a regard Nigeria as a beutiful and powerul country. But polititians are really prefer togo on vacation and to live somewhere else. Basically it is not fair at all. If you are a polititian of Nigeria you should be dedicated to this country, never leave it in a timeof need.

These people who are abandoning their own homcountry are just shamless. A decent person would vener done it, mainly because it is not a good deed

Answered 2 years ago.

The third joke about three thieves is sad. It made me upset and reminded about dark time in history of my country, when people starved and were killed for theft more then five spikelets from the field. My great-grandmother survived but not her brothers and mother.The seventh joke is topical enough. Two weeks ago my acquaintance passed through the same incident, but his wife didn`t faint. She took the rolling pin and taught a lesson to her husband. The second joke is odd. Why she wanted his death?

Answered 2 years ago.
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