Have you met Сhristians who wear hijabs in Nigeria? Why they do that?

Why do Christian students from Osun state wear hijabs? What measures will be taken by the local authorities to stop the hijab crisis?

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Hijab crisis shook state Osun, because some students came to their schools wearing the choir robes and other church clothing, which caused a huge confusion in the school. So why did it happen? Why do christian people begin wearing hijabs in Nigeria?

What is Hijab?

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This word, ‘hijab’, in translation from Arabic language means barrier or evern partition. However, in Islam it has much broader meaning. It is also the principle of behavior and modesty and the item of both male and female clothing.

The most common form of the popular hijab is a special headscarf worn by lots of Muslim women. But the hijab is not only the headscarf. Hijab is a full cover for the entire body except woman's hands, feet and face, with a long, spare gown of opaque fabric. Muslim ladies should wear hijab in front of any male, whom they could theoretically marry. It means that wearing hijab is unnecessary in front of her father, grandfathers, uncles, brothers or young male children.

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In front of the other Muslim women (usually) wearing hijab is optional. However, there is a discussion about what parts of body can be opened in the presence of other non-Muslim women.

Treating modesty rules can be different. Some Muslim ladies wear some clothing that covers everything except the eyes. Some left face and hands opened. Other people believe that it is really necessary to cover only their hair and breasts.

In Western countries, the usual use of the word ‘hijab headscarf ‘refers to the head of the Muslim ladies. Although it would be correct to call it himaarom. Himaarom usually consists of one, rarely two scarves that Muslim woman covers her hair, neck and ears with (being on the street).

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Hijab is not just some kind of clothing. Also this is an item that covers a girl with her radiance, her beauty, youth, beautiful hiding her smile, cute tenderness, and her pretty eyes. Also this is not the 'handcuffs' or prison cell for a poor prisoner-girl. It doen't matter how much cloth the woman wears if she does not wish it, it is not comfortable for her, she certainly gets rid of it.

 The hijab, which was mentioned in Qur'an, comes from girl's heart. If her heart and soul are pure and not affected with ‘the terrible diseases’ then such a lady will never allow herself even a small shade of ambiguity in her behavior, voice, conversation or gaze. And not because her husband forbids her or she is afraid to be thrown into jail. But because she wears the internal and external hijab. This hijab is a kind of a curtain, which saves his owner from any attempt to denigrate or insult her. It is a ‘business card’ of a woman for another world. It shows respect, dignity and beauty.

Christian and Muslim hijabs

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Some discusses the Osun state and at the same time the hijab topic making lots of drama. Well, yes hijab in schools is a bit controversial topic. 

All over the world Muslim ladies wear the hijabs. People often recognize them due to hijabs. It’s their way of life, their choice of life. Well, then why there is so much rumors and noise in Osun right now? What’s wrong with the hijabs there?

A lot of Christian ladies see nothing wrong in wearing and adorning the hijab. Girls think they are cool, cute and very lovely! To be covered or not – it’s always a choice of a woman.

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Christians love hijabs, thus they decide to wear them. It doesn't matter who they are or where they live, ladies stay ladies. So if they like this clothing and they honor the Muslim traditions, then what’s wrong with that?There are lots of different troubles in Nigeria. Hijab mustn’t be one of them! It’s something pure and nice, which brings goodness to the masses.

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