How to create your own 'Game of Thrones' coat of arms using HBO tools?

Do you desire to create your own coat of arms? HBO provides you this opportunity with Join The Realm website.

The Game of Thrones

HBO tries to get more attention from The Game of Thrones fans. From the season three, HBO generated a tremendous marketing company to support the popular TV show. Nevertheless, the show itself created many followers throughout the world. Still, HBO decided that creating new marketing would be beneficial for new and old fans. From the season three, HBO created interactive tools to make your own The Game of Thrones coat arm. This marketing campaign has been successful for few years. With season six of the TV show, it creates a more notable sequence of success. Therefore, the marketing strategy of HBO tools has been great for several years.

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Join the realm

Join the realm

HBO created the website where you can create your banners and coat of arms similar to the houses from the TV show. You may create something new instead of “The Winter is Coming” and Dire wolf on the coat of arms of the House Stark. Fans with great pleasure make their sigils and add names to the banners. Fans can also personize their banners with more details by changing patterns and colors of the banner. Millions of people used the Join the Realm for creating their sigils, banners and coat of arms. Since the season three, the Twitter page has also been active by twits of fans with their banners. You might have seen celebrities who made their banners, like Pau Gasol, Bruno Mars or Stephen Colbert.

Still, creating of Banners for some celebrities of HBO were more than beneficial. HBO also sent personalized gift boxes with DVDs of first seasons to some celebrities. The wooden boxes were sent to the most influential celebrities. Some of them were encouraged to share pictures with wooden boxes on Twitter. Several dozens of celebrities shared their pictures on Twitter holding their wooden boxes. Nevertheless, some people criticized HBO for this marketing company as it was targeted only celebrities. Ordinary fans got nothing from HBO. Myles McNut argued with HBO and their methods of marketing. He stated if HBO wanted to create some social event, then they should have also targeted regular fans instead of focusing only on celebrity promoting strategy. He also mentioned that HBO only succeeded in wooden boxes company with thousands of twits and retweets from celebrities holding the wooden box. HBO succeeded with wooden box company and coat of arms company. According to celebrities’ notion, wooden boxes play music from The Games of Thrones when you open it.  

What is next?

What is next?

The Join the Realm company, supported by HBO has become a huge success. Fans from all over the world showed their love with creating banners and sigils for their houses in the Realm. HBO also created exhibits for The Games of Thrones, where fans can try to take on their favorite costumes and armor from The Games of Thrones franchise. HBO marketing tools also targeted lovers of beer with their Ommegang Brewery. The Games of Thrones is one of the most successful TV shows for today. It features millions of fans throughout the world. Nevertheless, HBO keeps promoting The Games of Thrones.

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