How To Speak Hausa?

What exactly do you know about Hausa? What is their language? How do they speak? Is it possible to learn Hausa language? Find out more in the article!


Hausa is one of the largest ethnic group in West Africa. There are 25 million of Hausa language speakers. Their population is located in the savanna of Nigeria`s North. The extended migration provided Hausa hew field for a living and not they have enclaves in various cities of Africa. Hausa are speakers of  a Chadic language, which is related to Hebrew, Arabic, Berber. It has old literature traditions but it`s also a modern language of trade and communications. Hausa language has a large population of speakers who also use it in conversations, text messaging via mobile phones and internet connections.

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As every language, Hausa can be studied and learned. For these reasons, there are some tips which connected not specifically for Hausa language but for all group of foreign languages. The best piece of Advice is to find a Hausa speaker who would willingly provide you all necessary basis for Hausa grammar and lexical patterns. Also, with the wide portion of information from the internet, the Hausa language learners would certainly find necessary resources for acquiring this language. One of the options for learning a new language is reading its literature. The trick is that you read the words aloud to train your pronunciation skills. Also, it`s needed to listen audio for the language you are learning. The best way is to find students books that contain the set of video, audio, tests and other exercises for the language you are learning. For better learning new phrases, the students can miss the learning by heart exercises. It`s the only potential way of memorizing new words and grammatical patterns.


Strict to the point, let`s get acquainted with some Hausa phrases:

Sannu – Hello, Greetings!

Mi sunanka/ki – What is your name?

Sunana –My name is

Ka/kina lahiya?  - How are you?

Sai Sannu - Goodbye

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