How to stop finger sucking?

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Well, the effort itself still have to do, just like have to make an effort and not to put elbows on the table in the restaurant. Babes suck and finger when I'm nervous and when go to sleep, when baby is cold - finger 100% in the mouth (this applies to those who suck).

Speech therapists and psychologists believe that this is what a child do not do enough small motor skills, that is probably enough to give you to sculpt from plasticine, clay and dough, and you need it more than others.

Now for sale a wonderful modeling Dough mixed in these banks, it does not stick to hands Hasbro Play Doh - I'm serious, buy yourself more often and try to knead it in my hands, something molding, they sell a lot of tools that allow you to make sausages, some other interesting things. You have stress related to fine motor skills, you need something to pull in your mouth, try to gradually move on to something that you have something to twist in your hands,not in your mouth suck..

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