How to write a letter - 5 types of letters for Nigerians

Despite the gadgets and technology we still write letters to each other. It is a part of our culture. Learn how to do it properly to attain the best results.

There are many types of letters and each of them has to be written following specific etiquette requirements. This information would help you mastering the letter science, as you go through the 5 types of letters and discover how to compile a message in the best and most acceptable fashion. Of course, each of these types has subcategories, but we will take a look at some universal guidelines.
How to write a letter

  1. Business letter
     5 types of letters This type of letter is frequently sent from one company to another. You may have a need to send a business letter once in a while to your partners, suppliers, investors, etc. People in Nigeria like respect and formalities.

    So, how to write a formal letter? Take time to design a letterhead for your firm. This is what makes your letter look presentable and business like. The caption can hold your logo and the name of the company; your email address, phone or site URL. It may be done in plain black or in color. Using this header create a letter template.

    Set the default margins (1 inch), alignment (left side), line space (single), etc. Now you can make a letter breakdown: date, your info (can be entered into a template), receiver’s info, salutation, text, and signature. This is a basic business letter break down you can follow as a sample.
  2. Personal letter
     write a letter for NigeriansPersonal letters can be written to friends, family members or acquaintance. Such letters should not be sent from persons to corporate identities. How to write an informal letter? Being unofficial it still has to have a certain simple structure. Use right top part of the message to state your name, address and other personal info (email, phone number, etc.). Put the date in. Now comes a very important letter part – recipient name.

    In Nigeria people like to be called using their title and full name. So, unless it is your very dear friend, make sure to properly pen the salutation part. Write the letter text, sign it with your name and place your signature at the bottom.
  3. Employment letter
    writting a letter for NigeriansIndeed, for many Nigerians this type of letters is very important. Skillful writing of an application or cover letter can help you land the job of your dream. Cover letter is the first thing a boss sees and it has to impress them enough to want to read your CV. So, how to write a letter?

    First of all follow a simple template for compiling it. Right upper corner is where you place the date and employers details: name and address. Now state the position you are applying for and start crafting the text. The thing is there is no one fit all cover letter you should write.

    It is always better to customize it as much as possible and sort of tailor it up for every company you send it to. Every company may be looking for a specific set of skills and qualities in employers. Your goal is to be try and understand what exactly they want and what you should highlight in your letter. Now what cover letter is all about?

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    It’s a brief synopsis of your CV and your advertising space. You need to be able to define you fit the position the best, your benefits for the company, your experience and skills and your personal qualities. At this the text of the cover letter should not be long. In average employers give just few seconds t review the letter and it is the make it or break it seconds for you and your career. So, take your time and make it worth reading.
  4. Congratulation letter
    How to write a letter 1There are two kinds of them: informal and formal. The first kind you send to your friends or family.
    The other kind can be sent to another professional, to a coworker or even to a company. Both types can follow the same template: write receiver’s name and address in the right upper corner. Make salutation.
    Craft a short and flowery text and sign it with your name, address and signature. If you send a letter from your company, you may print it on your official blank with a header.
  5. Appreciation letter
    This 5 types of letters for Nigerians type of letter is used to express you gratitude towards someone. The key thing here is not to wait too long before you send it.
    Otherwise a person may think you being ungrateful or forgetful. A stitch in a time saves nine. You may follow a basic letter template to write it: state the date and person’s name and address, use proper salutation, name and title. Next explain why you are writing this letter.

    Provide some details what you thank the person or firm for. Summarize your letter briefly and end it up by signing it and putting your name on it. This material on how to write a letter will equip you in your social and business interactions. Now you know how to arrange and craft both formal and informal types of letters. 


No one ever thought about the fact that you need to write letters correctly. Good article contains tips such as how to write a letter properly. During my time when I was 15-19 years old there was no phone, Internet. Not that all was not as it acquired popularity. And writing letters to friends and relatives was the main type of communication. It was very interesting to touch and look a postman with a letter. But not only friends to write letters, but also know the correct spelling of other types of sheets. Many times in life and have to write business letters. I'll take advice from the text of a note to know all about the correct spelling for various types of leaves.

Answered 2 years ago.

Thank you for such detailed explanation! Despite the availability of phones, I still often write letters their loved one, family or at work. Its important know how draw up business letters. I do not want admit serious mistakes in this matter, and look stupid in front of their employers or clients. In writing personal letters has its own nuances that must be considered too. Though paper letters have almost no relevant in today's world, but online correspondence should als comply with general rules.

Answered 2 years ago.
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