Imo state: Thursdays and Fridays are now "Farming days"

The Imo state government decreased the working days of a few civil servants in this Nigerian state. Therefore, from August 1, all workers should work for three days per week. Continue reading to get more information.

Agriculture in Nigeria

At the same time they can use the two left over days on their own farms.

According to the latest Imo state news, this is a so-called a policy under the name Back to Land for Agriculture. This means that state workers are not able to invest in farming for self-sustenance.

Owelle Okorocha, the Governor of Imo declared that the State Executive Council approved the new policy.

Owelle Okorocha, the Governor of Imo

According to the statement by Sam Onwuemeodo, Okorocha`s press secretary, this new policy will not have an effect on workers` salaries.

The statement declared public servants in Imo from that moment would work from Mondays to Wednesdays. They can spend Thursdays and Fridays for farming. At the same time, on Saturdays they can hold various ceremonies.

Nigerian farming

Owelle Okorocha exempted public servants on necessary duties such as doctors, nurses, and teachers. Political appointees are as well let off from the three-days working periods.

This programme will last for a year trial period. The State authorities hope it will surely bring positive results for all involved.

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The Governor of Imo also explained that the question of yearly and casual leave was cancelled. Accordingly, continuation time for work is changed from 8 a.m. to 7.30 a.m. in the morning and finishes by 4 p.m.

Imo state

Everyone must return to agriculture. Each political appointee must be a farm owner. The youths will as well be encouraged to take to agriculture. Polytechnics and Secondary schools, Universities in Imo must own farms. The Community Government Council (CGC) must be made stronger in favor of this agricultural programme.

Farming in Nigeria

Two billion naira was set aside at the micro-finance bank for the reason of this policy so that those willing can right of entry.

The government also appealed to families and those who organize funerals on Mondays to Wednesdays to adjust and have their burials on Saturdays. It is needed to be concentrated on the government’s work and on this agricultural programme.

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