International Jazz Day: see how Nigeria is celebrating it

Did you ever celebrate the Jazz Day? It's about time to start! Learn more about the Lagos events.

Jazz is a very special and powerful music. Even though it comes from New Orleans in America, its origin is African. We can boldly say that jazz has transformed our world and has given us many outstanding and amazing musicians. Would our world really be the same place without it? That is why international jazz day UNESCO is such a good idea.

INternational jazz day 2016

Jazz Day history

This day was chosen just 5 years ago and dedicated to celebrating jazz. UNESCO stood at the core of and have come up with this lucky decision in 2011 o its General Conference. Why did UNESCO consider jazz so important?

They believe it is not just music, but it is a full sensual language that creates a special type of communication between people and builds up understanding. It allows people to freely express themselves. And no wonder as jazz is the music of freedom for oppressed people.

armstrong jazz

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It is celebrated on April 30 and Nigeria does not lag behind the whole world. Washington DC is chosen to be the main host city for the International Jazz Day 2016. It will gather together a huge number of outstanding personalities.

At the same time there would be held the events related to the Jazz Day all over the world. See the map below and Lagos jazz festival 2016 is one of them.

international jazz day events

The event would take place at the State House, Alausa, Ikeja and it would be hosted by Mr. Ambode, the State Governor of Lagos. Freedom Park, Marina is another location around Lagos to go to and listen to some excellent music.

Follow the local news and join in the world community in honoring International Jazz Day 2016. This music touches souls and unites minds creating peace between the humans. 


Jazz - it's the music of the gods . Perhaps this is the only music (except classical ) , which wants to listen and listen . Jazz calms , focuses , given by inspiration . As for me , jazz can not get bored . It is a powerful music, which I simply hears . To play jazz - you need to have a powerful and beautiful voice . Unfortunately I have never in my life was not at the concert of jazz music and jazz musicians . But I'm sure that a whole life ahead , and I had the opportunity to visit at least one such concert or festival.

Answered 1 year ago.

I did not even know that there is such a day. Jazz I love very much, I have it good rozslablyaet. Of course these days are very good for the fans of this direction of music, when everyone is going to one direction of the music. Now jazz is very popular, and many of its performers sing and love. But it is necessary for him to have a very cool voice, which can be owned in different colors. Thank you for the article, now I'll know that there is a day of jazz, which say a lot of people. And very much like him.

Answered 1 year ago.
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