Interpretation of dreams – 10 best hints for Nigerians

Wake up and remember clearly your dreams? Learn the meaning of them and possible interpretations for life. Some dreams do come true and become prophetic in our lives.

What is happening, when we are asleep? We often watch dreams, at times we remember them, but at times we do not. However, dreams can be fascinating. Many people try to master the interpretation of dreams. However, it isn't easy. There are cases, when they don't mean anything, and there are those, with the help of which you can even predict something.
Interpretation of dreams

Before we may start talking about interpretation of dreams, it's better to know more about them. So, what is a dream? According to dictionary, dream is a complex of thoughts, feelings, and visions happening while we sleep. You should know that some people are unable to see them. However, the majority of us do. Even little babies are able to dream.

Characteristics of dreams

All dreams possess certain features. Common ones are:

  1. They are often disorganized and even illogical. There exists kind of ambiguity in them. We cannot understand why some things happen and what reasons are. The content is mostly quite strange. Even natural laws might be disobeyed. We can fly, speak to animals, walk on water, etc.
  2. dreams interpretation Bizarre sensations. We often feel we are falling or something like that. It seems very real to us. It is even impossible to control body movements in reality in such cases.
  3. Hard to remember. We have already mentioned we are not always able to remember our dreams. According to the researchers, we forget about 95% of them.
  4. Intense emotions. Everything we experience in dream is quite acute and sometimes painful. We often see terrible of confusing things (such as terrible incidents, etc.).
  5. Content is always accepted. Never mind how odd the events are, we mostly have absolutely no questions about them, we do not doubt in them. Sometimes people say they try to use logic during the dream, and then they immediately wake up.

These are features of any dream. However, it is still interesting why we actually see them. Consider the following reasons:

  • dreams representation of unconscious desires and wishes,
  • a form of psychotherapy (thus, we try to overcome some problems or difficulties, to cope with trauma, and so on),
  • interpretation of random signals from the brain and body,
  • consolidation and procession of information received during the day.

Dreams and meaning of them might be different, but we do not usually watch them without a reason.

The most widespread dreams and meanings

We may see a wide range of images. They depend on the individual features, wishes, and problems a particular person has. You are probably dreaming about your ex or see any other night visions connected with your life. However, we are not always able to say what a certain dream means. Let’s observe the most common ones in order to help you:

  1. Interpretation of dreams 1When I dream of water, it varies from type of water. If it is calm like shower or a slow river, it means that you need to relax or to renew your feelings, to feel inner tranquility. If it is flowing, then you need to search for the rest, relaxation or to change something bothering you in the life. If it unrest like hurricane or boiling – you are stuffed with emotions, uncertainty, fears and strains. You have to get over something, to win it or to deal with it.
  2. When you dream about a child or a baby then it denotes something good and new – you will eventually start your own business or deal with the issue that was bothering you or a good new job is waiting for you at the corner.
  3. If I dream of food,it means that you learn a lot – new ideas come on your mind, you think over something big and it says that you may be ready to do something you’ve been afraid of for a long time.
  4. When I dream of sex,it is the mirroring of unrealized desires you have in real life or you want to have it with a person you’ve been very frequently thinking of, have been dreaming of someone you like. It also means than soon you will have sex, as it is an energy exchange between you and other human being.
  5. Interpretation of dreams – 10 best hintsIf I dream of money,it depends on how they were shown. Exchanging leads to soon changes in your life, as well as coins; taking money from someone or finding them is for good – you soon will be richer; losing money or big money is for struggling for your financial state – give more attention to your personal finances.
  6. If you say: I dream of fish,it also depends. Catching a fish is success & growth. If it swims, you are standing in front of changes, soon you may become a father (mother) or to receive very nice proposal that will lead you to prosperity (as fish is a symbol of fertility and prolificacy). Eating a fish means getting new – knowledge, experience, social position etc. The dead fish is for bad – losses, starvation, poverty.
  7. When I dream of snakes, it means that you are dissatisfied with your private life and experience various complicacies on your way, as the snake itself slides. It also means the upcoming troubles that you may overcome if will be hard and patient enough.
  8. Falling while sleeping is very common. It means that you are literally going down – under the pressures of your personal or working life, someone does bad for you, you may lose your beloved, job or your health, the same as wealth – some seriously negative thing may happen.
  9. Nudity. You may need to be more sincere and revealed to ones close to you. It also means that you are very afraid to be opened to other people and that may ruin their good attitude to you.
  10. nterpretation of dreams best hints If you are chased, it means that you are experiencing difficulties, pressure in real life, on work and you are pursued by many challenges that may be too hard for you at the moment. It may also denote your entity – if you are angry person or feel constant dissatisfaction for something that bothers you in personal life, people etc.

These are the most common dreams and their interpretations. Sometimes you can see dreams coming true. However, remember that they mostly represent our inner state and feelings, which we may even hide from ourselves. Analysis of dreams might help us in reality. We may find solutions to the problems or the reasons of our misfortune. Everything is in our subconscious. Thus, instead of going to the psychologist and waste your time and money, just try to sleep and remember what you’ll see. It will be very useful and effective.

Theories of dreaming

Meaning and interpretation of dreamsmay depend on the concrete theory. There have been several approaches. Some of them are scientific, while the others are originated from the ancient times. Let’s observe some of them:

Egyptian interpretation. They thought that they are a kind of predications. Dreams were the messages from their gods. For them, they contained lots of wisdom.

In the 1900s, Western people used dreams to predict weather or even the future.

f dreams – hints for NigeriansShamans. With the help of dreams, they tried to diagnose illnesses. As they thought subconscious had already know the reason of disease. Sigmund Freud. His theory is psychological. His ideas were based on repressed longing. It is desires, which we cannot express in public. According to him, dreams let the unconscious mind acting out those unacceptable thoughts and desires.
Besides, his approach is based upon sexual desires and symbolism.

Carl Jung. He was Freud’s successor. Nevertheless, he changed his ideas after some time. He accepted the psychological origin of dreams. However, the reasons were different. To his mind, they reflect on our real self and help solving problems or think particular issues over.

Allan Hobson & Robert McCarley. Their approach is considered more recent. They carried out a research, in which they studied what was going on in human brain when we are asleep. According to the results, dreams are nothing more than random electrical brain impulses. They are provoked by our experience, memories, and so on. Moreover, their theory claims that we do not see a story, just images. And then, our brain make a story out of them in order to make sense of imagery.

Religions also propose their own approaches. As for Christian interpretation of dreams, they think God speaks to us through them. In ancient times, they thought they have some supernatural character.

Interpretation of dreams – 10 hints Islamic interpretation of dreams is deeper. They are sure they play a great role in the life of Muslims and the history of Islam. For them, dreams are the only way to receive revelations from God since the death of their last prophet. There are several other approaches, but these are the most common ones.

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Types of dreams

To find a right meaning of dream, it is essential to understand that there are several types of them. They are:

Interpretation of dreams 1Normal. These are usual dreams, when you do not understand that it is not reality. Besides, you accept everything that happens as it is. The majority of us see them every night. More vivid dreams mostly occur at the end of your sleep.

Lucid. These dreams are clear and rich. You can actually guide them. During them, you usually know that you are dreaming. Besides, you can control what is happening. This very interesting type allows us to find out more about our unconsciousness.

False awakening. It is quite funny type. You seem to wake up, go to work, and then you just realize you are still dreaming. They are almost like normal ones, the only difference is that they always start in the last place you have fallen asleep.

Nightmare. They are normal dreams, but with scary content. Everything is really happening for you. Sometimes you are even able to feel a kind of pain if your dream is vivid enough. You can be chased or hunted, you can see monsters and maniacs, and so on.

Interpretation dreams for Nigerians 1Daydream. It is like a hypnotic trance. It actually happens when you are awake. People daydream for about two hours a day on average. You are not fully in reality, but you definitely are not sleeping. It may start with some fantasy, memory or idea.

Interpretation of dreams has become very popular nowadays. It is not only entertainment. It might be helpful in real life. While analyzing them, we are able to know more about ourselves, our unconsciousness, as well as secret desires and motives. There are plenty of resources on the Internet, which can help you. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that it is an individual thing. You must link it to your own life and not just general idea. So, take all the possible benefits of your dreams and change your life for the better. Nature has given us a wonderful tool for that.

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has always been also very interesting to know the interpretation of dreams. previously bought for this entire collections of various books to learn the meaning of dreams, and now increasingly with this issue to contact the Internet. Or something to build thoughts about what they saw in dreams, to search for the answer to what they saw in dreams. usually, as they say, upon waking, the memory of the dream quickly erased, so better Wake up, quickly write down what you saw in the dreams. Most dreams are difficult to solve, but to learn the value of at least a fragment of the dream is possible.

Answered 2 years ago.

Although there are many interpretations of our dreams, they can come true with different people in different way. Such interpretations are general and they may consider differently. That is why some people who deal with dreams recommend to write them down and than write what happened in their real life. In such easy way you will have your own meanings of dreams. It will be rather easy to know what you should or shouldn't do next in difficult situations of your life and to be ready for some troubles.

Answered 2 years ago.

Unfortunately or fortunately my dreams absolutely never bring deep messages to my reality that i face daily. Perhaps predictions hasn't associated nor connected to my dreams, it's either something nonsense or jus a nightmare and pretty rarely i get lucky to experience breathtaking journey through sleep but erotic one happen frequently. I can't stand if hard depressing emotional horror during my rest. I've learned a lot of useful information in this article though. Perhaps i might never payed enough of attention to what i see in my sleep.

Answered 2 years ago.

More than likely it is just a funny and strange coincidence, but almost every time I catch a large river fish in my dreams, someone of my female relatives or closest friends share the news of their pregnancy. Last time I caught a pair of large carps with nice sparkling scale in the dream and soon my elder sister called me with the tidings of great joy. As it turned out, she is expecting twins, two boys! I'm not a superstitious person (maybe just a very very little bit, hehe), but sometimes I really believe that people can see the nearest future in their nightdreams and receive ciphered information about important news, unforeseen eventualities or that may lie ahead.

Answered 2 years ago.

We spend in sleeping much time, we must remember your night dreams! I love dreams, they are colorful, sad, beautiful, prophetic, frightening and funny, but never boring. For long time I could not remember them, was upset, and then found great way. Its important slowly wake up, 2-3 minutes focus on what dreamed. It would help if bed you save notebook and pencil, which will become write down your night dreams. Each time, you will remember all more events, and dreams will be even brighter and more interesting.

Answered 2 years ago.
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