Is DMX a daddy again?

How many kids does DMX have now? Learn the story.

dmx is a dad again

This famous rapper is also a famous dad. Apparently he is not a fan of using condoms during sex. So, he welcomes a baby… again!

How many kids does DMX have?

Well, now the man has 15 kids and the last one was born to him by his girlfriend Desiree. They have been together for a long time. It’s a son and they named him Exodus. The father was away during the notable event, but returned to NY at once to meet the newcomer.

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However, DMX is not the father with the largest number of kids in show biz. He is topped by Jim Bob Duggar, who’s got 19 of them and more is coming!

However, DMX is not the model father, as he had trouble in court over the unpaid child support money. He even got to jail over it. His ex wife regularly files reports on him not paying the due funds to his four children he had with her.

Hopefully, this baby would be well-loved and cared for by his famous father.

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