Is Elechi Amadi dead?

When did Elechi Amadi die and how old was he? Find out now.

Is Elechi Amadi dead

This year Nigeria and Africa, in general, suffered the loss of many famous and talented people. One of them is Captain Elechi Amadi. Let’s find out more about this personality and how he died.

Elechi Amadi biography

The man was born back in 1932 in Nigeria. He comes from the Rivers State. At first, he entered the Government College, Umuahia and then continued his education at the University of Ibadan. This major was in mathematics and physics, but his main talent lied in the literature field.

Elechi Amadi

Elechi Amadi is known for his poetry, novels, and plays. He wrote much about the country life and the life in small villages. Back in 2009 the writer got kidnapped by the armed people and returned save and sound a day later.

Elechi Amadi death

Rightfully Elechi Amadi is listed among the very first local Nigerian and even African talented writers and poets. He wrote such things as Sunset in Biafra, The Slave, The Great Ponds, etc. He has left a rich heritage for his people and for the entire world.

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 Elechi Amadi dead

Captain Amadi passed away in Port Harcourt being 82 years of age. He died in Good Heat hospital in the afternoon. The death is 3:45 p.m. The name “Captain” is a well-deserved one, as the man served in Nigerian Army in the 3rd Marine Commandos. He was a patriot of his country and left a great heritage. Hopefully, his name and his creations would be remembered for many years. R.I.P, Elechi Amadi. 

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