Is Jide Kosoko wife dead? - Another sad Nollywood loss

Is the wife of famous Yoruba actor Jide Kosoko dead? Get the sad news now.

This year has been rather unlucky for Nollywood and Nigerian show biz. Many actors and famous personas passed away from the beginning of the year. Now it is sad news of Jide Kosoko wife Henrietta.

jide kosoko wife dead

 Another death in Yoruba actor family

Jide Kosoko, who is a prominent Yoruba producer, actor and film maker suffered a grave loss. His wife Henrietta Kosoko, who was 53 years of age, passed away. Apparently the death took place at Sacred Heart Catholic Hospital, Lantoro. Henrietta also was engaged in acting.

The exact cause of death is unknown, but sources state that the late actress got some health problems. A year ago she got in a car accident when the breaks broke down. She obtained severe trauma in her head and that produced the complication over time.

henrietta kosoko is dead

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So, the death was not a sudden one. According to some people she went to comma a week ago and was taken to the hospital. She passed away on Monday there. Others state that she crushed to comma suddenly on Monday and died the same day.

Surely more details will come later. Presently we know for sure that Henrietta is gone and Jide Kosoko has lost his second wife. He has one more left and her name is Bimbo. R.I.P., Henrietta.

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