Is Mayowa dead? – She has lost the battle to cancer

Is Mayowa from SaveMayowa campaign dead? Learn what happened.

mayowa is dead

SaveMayowa has become a big issue in Nigeria. Many people believed it was a scam. However, this story proved to be true, but ended sadly. Learn the news.

Mayowa: is she dead?

This scandal involved even a celebrity, such as Toyin Aimakhu. She helped to collect the money for the girl with the ovarian cancer. Apparently the situation with scam and police investigation has delayed the medical help the woman needed. However, eventually the police cleared all the scam charges off the family.

Finally Mayowa could go to the clinic and get some treatment. However, by that time she had Ovarian cancer IV and doctors could do nothing for her. August 11 the woman left Nigeria and traveled to South Africa to get some help.

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However just a little over a week later the media got the news from her sister Mrs Tope Adeniran. And the news is sad. The girl is dead! The family and other people have put forward much effort to save her and raise the funds on social media.

This was a rather shocking news for all Mayowa’s friends, as just few days before her death they heard she responded well to treatment. That happened Saturday, but Sunday she was dead. The family was able to raise 32 million Naira to treat Mayowa. Unfortunately she has lost the battle to cancer. Initially they wanted to take her to USA, but when that proved impossible, they settled for South Africa.

It’s a sad story of a short (June to August) and brave fight of a woman, who inspired many people to donate and help her survive.

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