Is Nigeria a welfare state

Do you think that Nigeria is a welfare steate? Are there any problems that need a solution? Read the article and find out!


The question that gets asked frequently enough is “Is Nigeria really a welfare state?” There are different opinions on this topic so if someone asks you to justify your position, you should think of a lot of points.

Let’s think of all the sides of the Nigerian life to explain why Nigeria is or is not a welfare state.

The start of all the welfare problems in Nigeria goes back to 40 years ago. The country was going through a serious economic crisis back then. The population was increasing but the profit was meanwhile declining.

That’s why a lot of people didn’t get the proper education; they suffered from the health problems and had a serious lack of money.

The older people also went through the serious financial problems. Nearly nobody got the retirement money. It led to the increasing number of the homeless people.

The older people got no support from their families and from the government. Therefore, they had no other choice other than go to the streets and beg for money.

Many families who had financial problems sometimes simply refused to care for the older person as they also had to feed a lot of children. There were simply not enough resources to live a normal life.

It was also very hard for people in the rural areas. The only help centers Nigeria had were situated in the big cities. Therefore, the poor people living in the villages had no hope to get any kind of help whatsoever.


That’s why a lot of children started to run away from their families. And it led to the increasing level of crime in Nigeria. Not a lot of kids got to the homeless centers. A lot of them just stayed on the streets.

Nigeria still has a lot of welfare issues that have to be solved. It started a long time ago but it is still a big problem here. There is no need to discuss it – we still have a lot to work on.

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However, let’s think of the positive sides of living in Nigeria. Our country is very beautiful and it has a unique culture.

The religion

Nigeria is a country with the representatives of almost any religions. There are Christians, Muslims and the other believers all over the country.

What is even more exciting, there are still some native tribes that believe in several gods or the power of nature. You can meet all those people anywhere in Nigeria. It makes the country very special.

The most celebrated holidays in Christianity here are Easter and Christmas. The Muslims follow Ramadan and other holidays in the Islamic calendar. The ways of celebrating can sometimes be different in the different parts of Nigeria.

We are proud citizens!


Our country is still one of the most powerful in Africa. It’s the biggest country in the African continent in terms of population. It has also a very beautiful nature and a lot of oil resources. We are famous for it and it’s really something to be proud of.

The Family is the most important thing

Family is the most important thing in the life of Nigerians. We appreciate the older generations and cherish the younger ones. The family stays with us throughout our lives.

The older people have more authority than the others because they are more experienced. They can always give advice to the younger generation. Nowadays the families are obliged to care for the retired people.

welfare nigeria

They have to provide them with all the necessary things and give them enough attention. The bond between family members is very strong and it stays the same till the end of life.

However, if the family is not able to provide the others with the good quality of life, the government can take care of it. For example, there are a lot of social institutions that take care of the elderly.

That’s why it is possible to say that the welfare is getting better and we get more chances to have a brighter future.

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