Is Toyin Aimakhu a scammer? - #SaveMayowa scandal

What does Toyin Aimakhu have to do with the @savemayowa scam and scandal? Find out now.

Toyin Aimakhu

Nigeria has many scams where people come after you money. Some of them ask to make a donation. Such is the #SaveMayowa campaign supported by Toyin Aimakhu. Is it a scam?

Is #SaveMayowa a scam?

Mayowa Ahmed is the name of the lady, who got ovarian cancer. She needed money for the surgery and it had to be done abroad. They took to the media to collect the needed funds to save her life.

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#SaveMayowa scandal

Toyin Aimakhu, Nigerian actress joined the campaign. However, now they say that Mayowa has the 4th stage of cancer and she should not be moved abroad. No surgery can help to save her life. So, where did the money go?

The actress has made a viral video with the sick woman. However, when she heard the news and people’s doubts about the whole thing, she deleted the video. Linda Ikeji was writing in her blog that Toyin Aimakhu undergoes the police investigation as a scammer.

Her ex does not rush to defend the actress in this scandal. He keeps quiet on it and shows no support. Even though people hoped the two would reconcile and get back together.

The scandal is not over and we cannot say that Toyin Aimakhu is the scammer, but we should see how it all ends.

What does Toyin Aimakhu have to do with the @savemayowa scam and scandal? Find out now. 

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