Japanese penis festival, what is it?

Have you ever heard of Penis Festival in Japan? Find out what it is all about now!

penis festival

The traditions of the west and east are extremely different. There are no such things as penis festival in European and African countries even though we are open-minded enough.

However, Japan is very famous for its extraordinary events, costumes and culture in general. There’s nothing like that in the areas where we live and that’s why it is so precious.

The purpose of Japanese penis festival is not to make fun of sex or men in general. It is a very serious event that is supposed to celebrate the maternity, love and relationships between people.

It’s a holiday of appreciation and also a reminder of safe sex and the danger of being unprotected and not careful.

The hallmarks of Japanese festival

You have an option to climb on the thing that is shaped like a penis.

The festival welcomes all the gay/lesbian/transgender/bisexual people as they are trying to celebrate love and they don’t care what kind of love it is.

All the visitors are welcome to wear a kimono as it is the Japanese holiday clothes.

Except for this penis festival, there is another similar one. It is called Hime-no-miya vagina festival. The purpose of it and the main attractions are almost the same but it’s focused more on the girls.

If you want to rest, you can always visit other attractions nearby. For example, Heijenki Temple or some other Museums. There you can find anything you want!

penis festival

The best option to get there is to get in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. You can take a bus in the station and reach your destination point quite fast.

Make sure to enjoy yourself and the surroundings. You might find a lot of beautiful sites there.

This festival is usually held in spring as it’s the most beautiful time of the year in Japan. Hundreds of flowers blossom and, of course, sakura.

Some people tend to think that it’s a very inappropriate way to express the thoughts about sex, relationships and talk about problems. However, there is nothing inappropriate going on during the festival.

People aren’t supposed to get naked or do other silly things. They just have to have fun.

The festival story

It is an old tradition to celebrate the fertility and sex. It started in the 15th century with the increasing amount of prostitutes who were scared to get sick. That’s why they were praying for protection against STDs.

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Some people say that there were also desperate girls who would castrate the men because they were just too scared that something would happen to them. However, it’s all just a metaphor for STD.

There were no ways to cure this disease back then and that’s why women had no other choice other than pray or ask their friends or local doctors for help.

Sometimes they would go to a blacksmith so that he could make them a dildo to kill their dark demon inside. That’s where the whole idea of the penis festival comes from.

The atmosphere there is very joyful and relaxing. Even if you are not interested in that sort of things, you would still enjoy it. It is truly spectacular.

penis festival

Except for the attractions, you can also buy a lot of souvenirs in shape of phallus. Moreover, there are even clothes that have a penis print on them. You can buy a suit, a hat, or T-shirt...

You can even find small and big statues of penis! Maybe it’s not something to put on the shelf, but you can surely give it as a funny souvenir to your friends.

Even if you are really shy to talk about that, by the end of the festival you will forget what shame is! People are open to talk about it as it’s an absolutely natural thing.

It’s absolutely true that Japanese people are usually not that open to things like that but they don’t find this festival as something to laugh about. They are being realistic, that’s it.

Japanese festival clothing

You might find it strange, but both women and men are supposed to wear women clothes. It’s mainly kimonos as it is their typical clothes for every event. They can also wear Japanese festival masks.

Japanese festival food and habits

penis festival

The main dishes obviously include rice as it is traditional Japanese food that they can’t imagine their lived without. They shape it as yin yang (the symbols for men and women). Different kinds of fish can be served too.

After that they make a cosy bonfire and everyone can eat and tell funny stories. Everyone including old people eats sweets or other treats shaped as the male sex organ. They don’t find it weird – all the visitors do it.

The festival parade

The main show starts later in the afternoon. There are hundreds of people walking on the streets and carrying the penis-shaped statues or balloons.

They claim it as something holy and start thanking it or sometimes even praying to it. Those who don’t want to do it can sing, dance and play the games. However, most people do both.

All those celebrations are unique and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Some people find it inappropriate while others are just trying to think positive and get the best out of it!

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