MC Galaxy and Davido's songs are in the list of ‘Queen of Katwe’ soundtracks

Do you know what music was chosen to be a soundtrack for the “Queen of Katwe” movie? You’ll be surprised to see the names of MC Galaxy on the list as well as Davido. Find out more here.

Queen of Katwe filmFirst of all, you probably know that Lupita Nyong is filming a new movie called “Queen of Katwe.” The will be released soon; however, the fans of Nyong’s art already can’t wait to see what it is about. Meanwhile, the new broke about the official list of music that will be included in the “Queen of Katwe” movie as well as the trailer. So far, the press knows thirty-seven tracks and their artists among which you will find the names of dearly loved Nigerian musicians.

No wonder Nigerian musicians are being picked to create soundtracks for movies now: their performance has grown significantly in the recent years, and that is why they are gain worldwide recognition. So if you are wondering who those lucky Nigerians are, here you go: MC Galaxy and Davido.

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These young but incredibly talented musicians are among those who are making money on making music for films. MC Galaxy’s “Sekem” is chosen to be a soundtrack for “Queen of Katwe” as well as “Skelewu” by Davido.

Queen of Katwe soundtrack

If you are willing to know more about the music choice of the directors of the film, then you should also know that there will be a lot of tracks by talented and well known Alex Heffes including his “Budo!”, “Brian, My Brother!”, “It Is Fine,” “Escape from Hospital,” “The Promise of Harriet,” “Am I Ready?”, “We Have a Champion,” “New World,” “Phiona Wins Joseph,” “At The Threshold,” “Father Grimes – Commence Play!”, “Such Aggressiveness in a Girl Is a Treasure,” “Is This Heaven?”, “Like Ghosts,” “Olympiad,” “The Water Takes Everything It Wants,” “Robert Katende, I Am Your Mother,” “School,” “Entering Rwabushenyi,” “You Belong Here,” and “We Are Home.”

Among the other artists who wrote music for “Queen of Katwe” are HAB and Young Cardamom, A Pass, Jose Chameleone, Radio and Weasel, Nsubuga Saava Karim, Afrigo Band and Moses Matovu, Eddy Kenzo, Bobi Wine, Michael Kiwanuka, and Alicia Keys.

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