Most Handsome Man in the World

What is your standard of male beauty? Find out who people deem to be the most handsome looking man in the world.

Beauty contests have long ceased to be exclusively ladies' events. Men on a par with the women show their talents and presentable appearance. As for beautiful gender, there are the same several criteria of beauty and success for men. Of course, these standards are different from women ones, but they hardly surrender in something. We have comprised a list of most handsome men in the world, relying on a variety of surveys and ratings.

Most Handsome Man in the World

Authors of rating

Many of today's magazines, television stations and other media, including entertainment news in Nigeria, regularly conduct statistical surveys. Thanks to them, journalists are trying to find out what representatives of men retain positions of superiority among the female population. Surprisingly, some famous men do not come out of such lists for years, hardly moving a bit lower on the stage. Yielding “way to young”, aged men only emphasize their worth.

Most Handsome Man

Of course, it is not as spectacular to get into the top ranking of most handsome men on earth as how to get in the list of "Forbes", but it is also a kind of achievement. Moreover, the majority of its representatives are famous actors, models and singers, who earn pretty enough.

 Handsome Man

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Priorities of the rating

Year after year, top spots are occupied by those who gained fame in this season being especially bright and very often on the big screens. Army of fans conquered gradually, but the strongest effect lasts for six months. Statistics confirms that the most powerful breakthrough keeps effect a maximum of eight months without further feeding. It invariably goes down after this time.

Authors of rating

The rating

  1. Pharrell Williams closes the top ten. The talented black man has established himself as with many aspects of gifted person. Farrell is a singer who is one of the top 10 musicians in Nigeria in popularity. He is rapper, producer, musician and designer of clothes – all in one bottle. He is one of the members of the band named N*E*R*D. Williams is 42 years old now. He had collaborated with such famous fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs. He released an exclusive line of sunglasses to last. He enjoys skateboarding and the TV series Star Trek.
    Pharrell Williams
  2. The next line is occupied by the constant participant of all the charts dedicated to male beauty – Jared Joseph Leto. American Jared won the hearts of girls all over the world before the start of this century, having a chance to star in the films with huge box office along with famous actors. When he founded his rock band, he continued shooting in the movies. Leto is a singer, actor, musician and director. Few people know that he also directs music videos, using an alias, Bartholomew Cubbins. Leto always dedicates himself to the work entirely. He had to take hard and long trainings, including physical ones, for the many roles.
    Jared Joseph Leto
  3. Simon Webbe takes the following chart. Another black singer, musician, songwriter and actor. Being a very creative person, this Englishman of the Puerto Rican origin began his career with … sports! As soon as he turned twenty years old, Simon became a member of the famous band named Blue. Due to the fact that the band performed only own songs, Webb grown as an expert pretty much in the art of writing. His first solo album turned double platinum. Simon's acting career includes only a cameo.
    Simon Webbe t
  4. Harry Styles was in the rating, probably due to his young fans. Direction band gained tremendous popularity largely due to the nice faces of participants. The creation of the band may thank to X factor musical contest, among the participants of which became Harry. The band took third place in the finals. Englishman Harry's only 21 years old. He gained fame as an actor also. However, his roles in the series did not require a particular actor's game – the boy embodied himself in several different motion pictures.
    Harry Styles
  5. Will Smith persistently enters the rankings from year to year. American actor and singer, Will is engaged actively in the art and he is a performer of the hip-hop genre. He is known around the globe. Several years ago, he was recognized as the highest-paid actor in the world. Smith is actively involved in sports and in his 47 years, he looks fantastic. Will realized also as a producer, because he was involved in the education of own children – a son and a daughter. Son has starred in several films, and daughter of Smith began a very successful career as a singer.
    Will Smith
  6. Robert Pattinson is a star of the new "vampire" era and does not give up the positions. After the success of “Twilight”, gained him fame, the whole world seemed to be divided into two camps: admirers and haters. Robert proudly stood the test. He showed himself not as an actor of one role, but acted in a few more roles that are brilliant. He has firmly cemented his title of one of the most talented and handsome persons in Hollywood. Interestingly, long before the vampire saga books, the mother of the actor was thinking seriously calling her son Edward.
    Robert Pattinson
  7. Next on the list is the British Thomas Hiddleston. Amazingly talented and versatile actor. He succeeded not only on the screen but also in the theater, as well as in singing. Hiddleston has a very good education – he graduated the Eton College, Cambridge, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Acting career of Thomas, better known as Tom, began in 2001. Since then he starred in more than 30 motion pictures.
    Thomas Hiddleston
  8. The American tabloids have recognized Djimon Hounsou as the most handsome black man in the world. The actor is 50 years old. However, he continues to act and to conquer the hearts of women. In addition to his acting career, Djimon also realized himself as a model, from the 15 years old. He became the official face of the Calvin Klein’s fashion house. His acting career began as a model on the catwalk, and later he was a model in video clips. Handsome Hounsou was noticed due to pure luck. Before getting into the world of show business, an illegal from Benin lived in Paris for two years as a vagabond. He didn’t even had a roof over his head.
    Djimon Hounsou
  9. Little after the top is the leader of last year – the “New Sherlock”, Benedict Cumberbatch. The British actor, who became famous and glorified his homeland in a new light. He continues to gather the laurels. Fans are eagerly waiting the new season of your favorite serial movie. Benedict has received numerous awards, was nominated for "Oscar". And he is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire. This title Elizabeth has granted him this year.
    Benedict Cumberbatch
  10. And finally, the winner is Jamie Dornan. This actor became famous this year, after the release of the sensational film "50 Shades of Grey”, where he played the main male part. The most handsome guy in the world, Jamie is an Irish actor, model and musician. He has represented a variety of fashion houses such as Dior, Armani and others. Despite the fact that Dornan was involved in the shooting of other motion pictures, only the latter brought him a worldwide popularity. Critics didn’t praise him for his performance. However, he gained the title of main handsome guy.
    Jamie Dornan

Interestingly, that almost no man on the list of most handsome men in the world is young. All of them are talented people, someone in the acting path, someone are in the music industry. It can only be convinced once again that if the majority of women just become old but the men become embellished by ages.


A handsome man in the world is very much so, and women in all its flavors to the beauty, one can enjoy one another more, there is a certain type of beauty. Now men around, compare with women, just take care of themselves, dress, mannerisms, even began to copy the women is now a world that men and women with equal rights, woman working a lot, but a man can sit on her neck, as it was when our ancestors, only in reverse. But I stand by my opinion that a man must be a man and a woman a woman. And not the other way around, men in beauty salons and women work.

Answered 1 year ago.

Women preferences on men have a tendency to modify with age. The elder man becomes the more male charm and fascination he gets. Particularly if he cares about himself, his body and his actions. In this rating of most handsome male half of humanity around the world I identify cheerful Will Smith. Definately I bow my head before his talent to be so spectacular actor, but he is an exemplary family man as well. To be bonny doesn’t mean to grew the beard, low the pants and with grinned face look into the future. It has no sense to find connection berween your popularity and the coloration has your skin, the charisma identifies you like someone special. Inner charisma is determined by personal individuality.Perhaps this rating assembled the most charismatic actors and singers.

Answered 1 year ago.

This enumeration of the most handsome men in your article astonished me. Some of them looks like nothing and when I meet them in the crowd they will seem like a grey substance in a grey gathering of people. It is the matter of taste I understand but no one from presented men falls under my classification. The most hansome men to my mind are Ian Somerhalder, David Backhem and Channing Tatum. They look really atractive and posess special magnetism and charisma. Of course their bodies are can drive a women mad.

Answered 1 year ago.
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