Muslim Culture Capitals: 7 top in Africa

What are the 7 most amazing African Capitals of Islamic Culture? Learn their names now!

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Annually Islamic Cultural Capitals are picked from among the cities of Asia and Africa. People in these places get celebrations and many educational seminars or Muslim culture. Unique buildings erected by this culture become protected. What are the 7 such capitals on the Black Continent?

7 African capitals of Muslim culture:

These cities are special. If you are a Muslim, you may want to visit each of them to get enriched by their awesome culture and history.

  1. Dakar
    This city is located in the Republic of Senegal. It has become one of the Muslim Culture Capitals of Africa back in 2007. Despite the fact that it is inhabited by many Muslims, you can find here people from many religions and backgrounds. It facilitates a unique Grand Mosque built in 1964.
  2. N’Djamena
    This city is found in Republic of Chad. It has a huge Islamic legacy to share including the long history of conflicts and the ways of solving them. It has become the Islamic Culture Capital in 2009. It also houses a mosque, built back in 1901 and called Hamoudi Mosque.
  3. Timbuktu
    This city has become the first ISESCO capital back in 2006. Back in the 15th century it has become one of the bases for Muslims to spread Islam in Africa. Some people call the place “African Paris”. It has rich history and amazing architecture.
  4. Kano
    You can find it in Nigeria. It has become the capital in 2013. It is located in the midst of the major trading roads in Africa. Islamic scholars settled here in the past and spread the teaching throughout the region.
  5. Cotonou
    IN 2015 it was proclaimed to be the Islamic capital in Africa and it is found in the Republic of Benin. It’s Central Mosque is amazing; in fact, it is one of the most outstanding religious facilities in the whole Africa.

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  6. Niamey
    This city is located in the Republic of Niger. It won the title in 20112. It has two major communities: Muslims and Roman Catholics, who live comparably peacefully there.
  7. Moroni
    Union of Comoros is its home land. It has become the capital in 2010. It has the Old Friday Mosque, built in 1427 and many other ancient buildings, old and narrow streets and other attractions.

As you see, these 7 places are amazing and they have preserved their Islamic heritage well.

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