National pride of Nigeria – 15 top reasons to be proud of it

Nigeria has many things to take pride in. This country has rich cultural heritage. Learn the 15 top reasons to take pride in Naija.

Every nation has certain symbols. There're also lots of things to be proud of in each country. National pride of Nigeria includes great number of issues, which make people believe their state is special and unique.
National pride of Nigeria

The term national pride is similar to patriotism, which is described as love of and devotion to your country. The term itself usually means being proud of your own country or of yourself for being from your country.

There might be various reasons to love your state. A person may value its culture, traditions, symbols, history, and so on.

Nigerian identity

You should understand that people might be proud of not only national things but also the characteristics the people in this country possess. Many Nigerians claim they are happy to be the citizens of this country because of the particular factors, which include the following:

  1. Nigeria to be proud of itResilience. Even when hard times come, these people don't lose humor and joviality. Thus, despite any troubles they stay strong and try to be happy. This is the reason why they're called “the happiest people on the Earth”.
  2. Lots of talented and gifted people. It is thought Nigerians are number one when it concerns brains or talents. In every field, including Nobel Prize, the world of blogging and the Internet, sports, entertainment, engineering, politics, medicine, etc., it's possible to find a prominent person from Nigeria.
  3.  pride of Nigeria 1Happiness. Neither of the hardships and troubles can take it from them. Even if a person lives in slums, even if the authorities and their work don’t live up with their expectations, a Nigerians always find a reason to be happy.
  4. Entrepreneurial. Nigerian people are extremely creative. This very quality helps to turn their ideas into reality. Moreover, we’re good at entrepreneurship. There's no place on earth where you won’t see a Nigerian. We're able to create business just out of nothing.

    15 top reasons to be proud of it
  5. Optimism. Life in this part of the world may be very cruel. People face malnourishment, armed conflicts, corruption, poverty, and many other problems. However, all of them still have something to believe in. Being optimistic helps them to transform any negative things into positive. It’s important for them to find good in everything.
  6. Love to their motherland. Nigerians very often leave their country (for instance, to study abroad). They get accustomed to foreign traditions and other lifestyles. Nevertheless, they still love their native country. They say: “There's no home like Naija”. Being away from home, they feel homesick, because you cannot buy such things with the material wealth.

    National pride of Nigeria 2
  7. Sense of oneness. All the Nigerians are like brothers and sisters (never mind whether you meet them in the country or somewhere else).
  8. Beauty. People from Nigeria love it for its unique beauty. There's great number of destinations and places to visit there. In the majority of them you can feel the Mother Nature, see many animals and plants.
  9. Religion. Their faith's the centre of their lives. They accept any kind of beliefs, and they would never condemn anyone for worshiping their God.

     pride of Nigeria 2
  10. Rich culture. It has a great influence on Nigerians all over the world. Culture has become a kind of a feature associated with this country.
  11. Freedom. During finding a job, it often doesn’t matter what your age, gender, and background are. Besides, you can say in public whatever you want. It isn’t the case of every country.
  12. Many cheap things. No need to be afraid of high fines in Nigeria. Moreover, plenty of things not just have low price, but are actually free.
  13. Mutual support. During hard times, people always support each other. They feel comfort when they see others, who divide ideas and beliefs, stand together and fight.

     Nigeria to be proud of it 1
  14. Love to the life itself. Nigerians love living. They enjoy it. There's no weekend without parties or any other excitement.
  15. Accepting of flaws. They understand that there're no people without them. No one's perfect. This understanding allows them to accept who they are. Besides, any defects make us unique.

These are the key things Nigerians love in their country and people most of all. These identical features of the nation make them proud.

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National pride of Nigeria

Beside the features listed above, there exist more things to take pride in Nigeria, among which:

  1.  pride of Nigeria 3Heritage. As it has been mentioned, there're plenty of places to see in this country. But it's not only places, but people who create culture. Large quantity of different tribes lives on its territory. Each of them possesses its own traditions, which concern weddings, funerals, festivals, etc. They may have various beliefs, creating uniqueness.
  2. Focus on family. It's one of the greatest things to be proud of. Very few countries have managed to preserve this feature. Nigerians love and respect the elders and all the relatives. It is expressed through the traditions they follow. For example, during the wedding certain special ceremonies are devoted to the family.
  3. Resources. Everyone knows that national wealth and economic development very often depend on them. Oil and gas sectors have about 35% of GDP, which makes Nigeria one of the wealthiest African states.
  4. Cuisine. Some foods can only be found in Nigeria. Different tribes have their dishes, which are extremely delicious
    The most famous ones include:
  • Jollof rice (contains rice, tomato, pepper, onion, and scotch bonnets),Nigerian National pride
  • Akara (it’s a fried bean cake),
  • Bean and plantain pottage,
  • Suya (includes grilled meat and onion),
  • Zobo (a drink made of Roselle flowers),
  • Moin moin (contains brown beans, onion, bell pepper, palm oil, spices, and banana leaves),
  • Edikangikong (a vegetable soup),
  • Dodo (fried and dried plantains),
  • Ogbono (a soup made from ground ogbono seeds and palm oil, stock, and spices),
  • Puff puff (fried sweet dough balls, which might be sprinkled with sugar).

       5. Music and style. Lots of Nigerians have managed to become models or fashion designers. Even African Fashion Week was organized by a Nigerian. Besides, there're lots of talented musicians in this country. They're also known for juju, fuji, highlife, and afrobeat.

National symbols

Such symbols can express the unity and identity of the country. Nigerian ones include:

Flag. Created by Pa Taiwo Akinkunmi in thNational pride of Nigeria 4e year of 1959, it expresses the vast forests and agriculture along with the national wealth and its lush and vegetation (with green color) and peace and unity (with white color).

Coat of arms. It depicts an eagle on a shield, which is trisected by two wavy bands. The shield, which denotes the fertile soil, is supported by two white horses. The eagle means strength and two horses symbolize dignity.

Anthem. It’s the most popular symbol. The new national anthem was created by Mr. Ben Odiase, who then became the director of music in Nigeria police band.
The anthem reminds of the goals and revives people to keep building the nation, until it becomes mighty.

Interesting facts

There are also several exciting facts about Nigeria, which can make people proud. Among them, you will find the following:

Yoruba triNational pride of Nigeria 4bes have the highest quantity of twins in the world. One in ninety human births results from a twin pregnancy according to Wikipedia. Yoruba groups have 45 out of 1000 births. In Igbo-Ora (the western Nigeria), three sets of twins are born during every nineteen births, according to the research of the gynecologist Patrick Nylander.

Nigeria's the most populous Black Country. The legend says that every fifth black person lives in Nigeria. 180 million people live there, and it’s the seventh most populated country in the world.

TNational pride of Nigeria 5he biggest man-made construction. The Walls of Benin City cover 6,500 sq. km. They were built by Edo people. The Walls are four times longer than the Great Wall of China. Besides, they have consumed a 100 times more material than the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

The fifth largest number of goats. It’s funny, but true. In Nigeria you’ll find 6.2% of the World’s goat population.

World’s largest producer of Yam. It has 70% of the whole world industry. It would probably vanish if they stop producing it.

pride of Nigeria 6The first African female writer published in English. A novel Efuru by Flora Nwapa is the first book written by African woman and published in English. Isn’t it a reason to be proud?

The longest Rap Free-Style. You must know that free-style is not an easy thing. Try it, if you doubt. However, Chiddy Bang – a Nigerian – managed to create the longest rap freestyle, which then was registered in Guinness world record.

There are much more interesting and funny facts about Nigeria, its people, and achievements. And they can also be considered the main reasons to be proud of your country.

The majority of Nigerians love and respect their country. Moreover, they try to keep to and preserve the traditions. It means that they value their culture and history.

In this state, there're many things, which make people proud. They are not obligatory history and customs, but the economic success, number of people, who have managed to reach something in life. There are a lot of musicians, designers, models, and the other creative people in Nigeria. But what is the most impressive and striking is their way of life. Their optimism, resistance to any troubles, ability to stay strong and happy, supporting each other, even in the face of hardships, is admirable.

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