Nigerian celebrities in native attire: Who rocks them better?

People are wondering how Nigerian celebrities in native attire look. Why do they prefer national outfits? Which photos are the best? Find all the pictures here right now.

Nigerian celebrities

Nigerian celebrities in native attire look extremely gorgeous. However, today we’ll talk about females as Nigerian male celebrities in native attire need their own huge article with numerous photos. But first let’s find out what native attire we have in Nigeria.

Nigerian native attire

Nigerian native attire

In Nigeria, in contrast to some other African countries, the major role in clothing is played by European streams, such costumes are still widespread. Along with fabrics factory production uses homespun and hand-painted material. The favorite color of the southern people is blue and of the northern people - white.

Culture, life and traditions of any country are always interesting to find out, as each nation has unique, peculiar only to it features. Speaking of Nigeria, it is difficult to isolate one thing - the country is home to over 200 nationalities - Edo, Yoruba, Ibibio, and so on. Each nation has its own distinctive features, dialects, clothes and so on.

Speaking about the national dress of Nigeria, it is impossible to single out a particular style and tradition as well. However, a lot of them have something familiar, something in common.

native attire

Nigerians, who live in the cities, wear the usual European clothes, T-shirts, jeans, shirts, shoes and sandals. This is considered the most comfortable clothes and so they are already wide-spread in everyday life. When it comes to remote areas of Nigeria on the countryside, the traditional national costumes are still relevant.

In southern Nigeria, men wear a shirt with short sleeves, or no sleeves at all, and on holidays they wear a cape that resembles a toga, which is worn on one shoulder. Cape has a bright ornament.

Hausa men are embroidered long-sleeved shirts and embroidered trousers. Clothing of men is bright enough. Men wear a blue cape over the painted shirts and pants. Women mostly wear dresses that are made of a wide rectangular piece of cloth. Above the waist a dress is tied with a belt. Often women wear blouses and tie cotton scarf on the head.

igbo wedding

The main adornment of women is not the quality and elegance of dress, but all kinds of colorful decorations made of colored beads, shells, beads, and so on. Women wear earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on in large numbers. Similarly, great attention is paid to hairstyles. Sometimes bizarre hairstyle is reminiscent of Egyptian pyramid or cockscomb.

It's very pleasant to see our ladies in native-African attire. These ones are always stunning in native outfits.

Top 10 of the most stylish Nigerian celebrities in native attire:

Toke Makinwa

1. Toke Makinwa

She's a queen of native looks. Toke Makinwa always looks extremely stunning wearing a native outfit. A lot of people refer to this lady as the queen of native outfit in Nigeria.

Kate Henshaw

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2. Kate Henshaw

She loves native outfits and so she always stands out every time she wears it. She gets the 2nd place in the top of the queens of natives.

Ibinabo Fiberesima

3. Ibinabo Fiberesima

The AGN President has become a real lover of native wears and they, no doubt, fit her!

Mercy Aigbe

4. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy adores native attire too and she often prefers to wear it than European style clothes.

African curves

5. Toolz

Toolz looks very beautiful wearing native attire due to her African curves and gorgeous face.

Omotola Ekeinde

6. Omotola Ekeinde

The lady is often called sweet and sexy Mama whether she wear natives or not. Omotola rarely wears native attire, but each time she does it, she looks unbelievably gorgeous.

Genevieve Nnaji

7. Genevieve Nnaji

Genny Nnaji knows how to rock native attire in a right way! No wonder she always looks great!

Monalisa Chinda

8. Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa radiates like Oyinbo on National African attire.

Joke Silva

9. Joke Silva

The lady is often called Hot Mama. When she wears native attire, people can’t take their eye over her.

Susan Peters

10. Susan Peters

Susan Peters is a beautiful lady, who does not forget about her origin. So no wonder, she prefers wearing stylish native outfits.

These ladies always look great wearing national clothes. Check up their looks and choose the ones you like the most and impress the public! It’s always important to remember, who you are and where you are from! Make African continent more bright and stylish due to your own new outfit!

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